Think before you buy a plot or flat in India!

Since, I came to Oxford, it surprises me to see about an effective and efficient administrative system here. Oxfordshire County Council. Last month, I have expressed my experience on the topic called “ No Horn Campaign – India”. It attracted good public attention; wish that in near future, attitude to avoid “doing unnecessary horn” will grow up in the Indian roads.

This month, I wanted to write about another interesting topic. A topic on the road planning. In regard to this, I made a recent status update in my facebook and expressed that “Indian Prime Ministers & Chief Ministers are enjoying the buildings built by the British colonial. But, why they fail to follow the effective administrative system from the British”. We see that most of the State Secretariat , parliament, railway stations & University buildings are built by the British rulers and they are enjoying it. But, why do they fail to build a safe and convenient administrative system for the public.?

Further, it also raises a question that is there anything good our Indian elders have contributed to this aspect?. Our elders often say that, they had wonderful culture, system, and they followed a system of living. But, it is a shame to see any strong evidence of having contributed to the development of administrative system in India. Except that “Chalta hai” attitude. They promoted corruption, than demanding any good output from the administrative officials. We all could see that retired officers belonged to the public works department, metro development authorities, administrative officers have made themselves huge wealth by accumulating properties and money for self and family than anything done good to the society. Particularly, contributing to the development of living system in India. Most importantly, well planned infrastructure to the society.?

Comparing, the administrative system here in the UK; which is very much developed. Citizens are enjoying the fruits from those seeds, planted by their elders. Specially, the residential layouts, roads, water & drainage system. They have given importance to the convenience of the public, and implemented everything in an efficient manner. Free accessibility to handicapped, children, elders, cyclist, motorist and shopping etc. It is marvellous to see the houses and the roads here in Oxford. Traffic rules, signs, pedestrian provisions and fearless commuting is marvellous. I want to see my country and my cities like this. Will that be possible? Do you have an answer?

Here, one cannot find the difference between one house to another. The model of each house, frontage area of each house. According to the Council rules, you cannot build as you like, you can change the interior, but the structure against the rule and basic plan. Everything that is connected to the housing system is perfect. It is impossible to see any Electrical panels and wires on the roads, telephone lines, TV cables crossing the roads. Gas supply to each house, water, drainage and sewage system, perfectly undergrounded.

I feel shame when I think about our system in Chennai or any other metro city? I doubt, whether any officer In the corporation or Metro City Development authority exist or not? Do they apply standards, which are ever in interest of the common man? or Convenience to human beings. In India, even  metro cities  doesn’t have complete integrated administrative system to the households.

I would like to ask some fundamental question to the Administrative officers in India.

  • Does our metro development or other development bodies mention/emphasises about compulsory pedestrian path on both sides of the road?
  • Does the Development Authority has any law to enforce minimum 30 Feet roads and at least 5 feet allocated on each side for pedestrian crossing?
  • Does our Development authority has any control or enforcement to allocate ducting/underground provisions for laying telephone cables, water lines, drainage, sewage, rain harvesting lines?
  • Why there is no co-operation between the Water Body, Road Transport, Cable TV & Telephone lines are not controlled by one authority?
  • Is there any study, measures taken against every road accident that is happening because there is no pedestrian lane on the roads and fatal deaths?

I think, no one can be independently blamed for these problem, because our system is corrupted in such way. Both from the Public, Private and Government.

Business companies promoting plots and layouts without prior approvals, basic road and drainage facilities. Public, as investors still buy such unapproved plots, and houses where there are no basic amenities.


1) we should not a buy properties which does not have atleast 5 feet pedestrian (raised) from road on both side.

2) Don’t buy plots which is not having atleast 30 to 40 feet road?

3) Don’t buy any flats unless the government/corporation/panchayat does not provide water, drainage, sewage, telephone & roads are not laid with minimum requirements. Don’t take false commitments of the marketing executives and developers, local politicians. Ensure, it is practically available while booking.


Each individual in the respective field they work, should contribute to the society by writing out a suggestions, plans and proposal; which should include, comfort, convenience and safety to every category of the public. Like, children, elder(senior citizens), pedestrian, cyclist, motorist and public transport.

I searched for documents on urban development plan in UK. You might get surprised to see that why and how western countries, the developed nations have good administrative system? 100 years before, the elders have forecasted and made planning and proposals to the road development of the city.

In 1930’s, Committees have been set up to plan the residential layouts, they respectively documented each and every aspect that is connected with the residential layout and common public.

For example.

  • How many main roads and type of roads a layout should have? And how they are connected with highways?
  • Where and how the high way turnings should be located?
  • The size of the roads?
  • Where and how much park lanes to be provided?
  • How much is compulsory frontage to be given between each house wall and to the road?
  • In a large residence layout? On which corner the commercial shops should be allocated?
  • On which location public facilities shall be located?
  • Where the bus station or the main road is located?
  • How distance and how convenient to every one from all the sides of the layout.?
  • Should there be different lanes for each one? Children, Elders, cyclist, Etc.

Precisely, a committee report and planning proposal submitted 70 years ago is what actually we could see on the UK’s administrative system. Whether it is Oxford or London city.

It is our time that everyone in India, particularly the real estate developers, professional in town planning must promote a standards and rules those equal to the developed nation standards, and public shall not compromise on quality and avail proportionate value for the money we pay!!!

While, I am expecting that, above points will raise some questions here. Personally, I will be addressing to each development authority and emphasis the need; with relevant documents from the UK, which helped them to implement a standard in resident layout and roads.

Note: 5 years of  living experience in Chennai Metro City is  a disaster. Lived in 2 different residential multi storey flats, developed by established developers. One could see the mess up of drainage system. Human waste is loaded into lorries and disposed in the city surroundings? with no proper drinking water connection from the Chennai City Corporation, or the Sewage system connections. But still these flats are called CMDA approved plots? I wonder what CMDA is doing and do they have something to do with Chennai City Corporation or the local administrative body? Do they?


Road Planning IMG_3726 IMG_3740 IMG_3745

How beautiful the Roads and pedestrians lanes are finished. it is same as 70 years before in the committee”s proposal.


Cyclist stop area in signals. They are given 1st preference. Queens Lane Signal, Oxford. IMG_3701
A layout in small town called Abingdon.

Mobile radiation or temperature or friction effect, hair and skin effect

I recently noticed strange difference on my left thigh. This is the place where iPhone is placed via my pant pocket. I could see that to the shape of the phone, the skin was looking quite red, as well no skin hair in the area.

Could this be a radiation effect or the temperature or due to regular usage?

Right thigh seems clear, skin is fresh as well the skin hair.

It is serious cause of keeping phone near to the body and more usage near ear’s.

Please be cautious, if you keep the phone near ear for long hours or keep the phone in pockets either in chest, front or back pockets.

hair fall

skin effect of keeping phone, is ti radiation or heat, or fraction?




Oxford, education system, rules, effective administration. copy and paste to India

Travel to  Oxford.

Just received Visa entry confirmation on 26th, I just booked a ticket through Emerald Airways, Chennai. I got fabulous offer of one way to London, via Mumbai Midnight flight. The flight was full. Plan of purchase on the day of Amma verdict(corruption and enormous wealth case was decided at Bangalore) had created me a tough time. Purasawakkam market was tensed and I had to catch an an auto at high price to reach back home.

I tried my best finalize the accommodation at Oxford, before leaving Chennai.  To gather some known contacts via friends and social sites. Unfortunately was not successful, many advertisements in sparerooms and gumtree did not event respond. As I was making requests from India. My journey began with no accommodation booked. I was confident, finding atleast a hotel room for 3 days and find a room later.

Bus to Oxford Airline (23 Pounds)

I reached Heathrow airport on 30th Morning. The information centre  the airport Terminal 3, service connection to terminal 5 was excellent. Free services between terminals.  Outside Terminal 5, Platform 10,  I boarded the Oxford Bus, The airline, which I felt like an another airplane, because the wifi connectivity, beautiful & smooth roads did not even feel me  the speed. Yup, wearing belt was necessary even in Bus.

The driver made an announcement “ Welcome you on Board, This is xxxxx, we are heading to Oxford, oxford estimated journey time is 1 hours 30 minutes. Please wear your seat belts. There is a toilet in the Bus. Thank you for traveling with Airline. Oxford Bus Company.

I was in different world, the goat and horse farms across the London, Oxford highway was charming to the eyes. Ha ha.. this is called Europe.

University enrollment & certificate verification.

I reached the University bus stop at 10.00 AM, I had to pull the baggage to my School of Law Department. I had made the registration procedures and certificate verification and confirmed that continuing classes from Tomorrow. The department, was so helpful, they agreed me to keep my baggage till I find my room. So a big relax. 40 Kgs, pulling on the roads(good pathways) could be tough.


Later went to search for accommodation with university Accommodation bureau, I was so confident that since it is big university,  I would be able to get a temporary accommodation. Unfortunately, there was no vacancy, and they gave a individual owner contacts of Oxford house owners. By then I walked around Headington Road, Cowley road, met atleast  15 agents. But no use, called many owners, no use only the Matrix SIM balance was getting down. I was virtually frustrated and felt like an alien in  wrong place.

Atlast, I did get one response in Gumtree, who responded, I have explained the desperate situation, he understood the situation and said, hey man, if you can pay 800 pound a month, I can give you a room. If you are ready, I will arrange for a view.

It all happened in 1 hour, I made 100 pounds service charge to the agent.  We spoke sealled the deal. 50 pounds went to 100 pounds, reduction in one month deposit. He was good man, he  then dropped at my college, later we fixed 5′ o clock as another meeting. By 5 PM, I called him again, made request. Tim, would it be possible to pick me again up from university with baggage’s, he did help on that part. He came at 5.15 and we reached the, Iffley Road. By 5.30  PM I paid the one month rent 750 Pounds. Can you imagine (75000 Rupees for one month rent). Ha ha ( like renting an house near Poes Garden. Wowh… So rich I am…. Ha ha.. வேற வழி? There was no other way. ( (

He was also insisting for deposit one month. I said.. no going, he said, 350 deposit, I said nop. I cannot do that. Finally, law helped,  with no deposit , no advance, said I have no other money to pay. Somehow I have convinced him. Great, the 1st day, in just 1 hour, my cook experiments started to  began.

University and Class room
Initial days, I felt like virtually crying, leaving so bonded life at home, family and king like lifestyle. Here, days turned upside down. But, certain things really energized me,  the technology of my Oxford Brookes University, School of Law professors, teaching methods. Professor Dr Math Noortman, Dr. Ilona Cheyne and Dr Sedman. Students from international countries, like Stefano from Italy, Vic Ram from Spain, Olga from Russia, Laura from Britain, Agathy from France, Sad from Iraq, Zahid from Palestine and so on.. Around 25 students comprising Trade law, Human Rights Law and International Law.
Some clicks on UK Teaching system

-Professors are not worried about you concentrate or not.

-You can use laptop and Mobile Phone, (No phone calls inside class room), but walk away to attend. Some professors may not like it, but you have liberty to do.

-System emphasizes the student to do critical analysis.

-What is your idea, concept, answer it from your perspective, not from books. Define your new idea from it. Be clear to the point.

-Module Management is an interesting thing, Module leader manages the modules and module team, the chapters, lectures and seminars.

-Lecture means anyone from other department who has the module will attend. Mostly student strength is combined.

-All module chapters are uploaded before the semester begins, presentations are prepared and uploaded. Mostly teaching is pre-planned. Lectures are really interesting.

-Most current news/subjects comes into the Lecture.

– Seminar means group of 12 people, interactive session, mostly discussed about earlier class chapter and case study discussions, opinions from students.

– In law Advanced Legal Research Methods, keeps you busy in analyzing the Case studies and Legal referencing.( I have done assessment 1, is the Declaration of Independence of Kosovo, is it in accordance with the Law?) Had to read, 500 pages documents to complete the assessment also use OSCOLA, Oxford Standard For Case Law referencing.


Horn, Cars & Roads
The cars and road rules, attitude of giving way to other, (May by, I need to reach what is the real meaning of giving way to another, is it supremacy or fear of blocking the roads, fear of law or the real human values we give to other).  Any case, they are the best and it’s a culture, I will be taking from here, if not preaching atleast for self practice. Can I?

Most importantly, in 3 weeks of  Oxford life, seen atleast 1 lakhs of  cars driving on the read near my house, none of them used their horn.. not even once in 21days. Just the tyre noise keeps buzzing.

This is not easy thing, we Indian’s honk atleast 100 times in single trip. This is not fair…I just have one question in mind..Can this no horn system can be practiced in India, like Clean India. If so how it can be done?


The Wi-fi system called “eduroam” free for every student in the UK. Can access it from any university(Student Central registration required), like when I walk to the City Centre of Oxford, University of Oxford gives free eduroam to Oxford Brookes Students, I think its regular  system here, free wifi on every bus and shop establishments.

University provides 21” computers in the main lobby, any student can login and work for 24 hours. Library Check in Check out system is at best, RFID implemented in real time, real use.

Volunteership System
The business community here in Oxford are using knowledgeable students for their projects using the term”Volunteership”. I am sure, they would be saving 1000 of pounds using the Volunteership system, but eventually, the student community also would benefit by creating network and gain practical  experience.
I made a mistake, why I missed to use the 60 kg baggage allowance given by Jet Airways on student quota. I carried only 40 Kgs. May If had a car hire, additional 20 Kg, could have been a vice to carry some food stuff and utensils we normally to make south Indian food.

I bought  few things from India, the pressure cooker, home made mirchi and masala powders, tea powder & electric plug converters are made my daily routines easier.

I had to visit to London to buy a Ponni Boiled rice at Hounslow area, which actually making my home food not missed. 10 Kg at 12 Pounds.  (BlazeDream technologies, UK partner Mr. Nattu G offered me a nice lunch at his home, a drive in his Benz car & shopping)

Well, when it comes to food…Ha ha.. You know what, cook a curry, store and use it for 4~5 days, this is the mantra. Hot boiled rice everyday, doesn’t make me feel, a miss of home food.

What is next

University activities kept my energy up, Skype kept away the home sickness, the only problem is spending pounds and conversion calculation in mind. To save pounds, an average walking 8~10 kilometers a day, from home to university to and fro.

The mornings walks to the university, watching British children  going to school in cycle, push scooters , their energy and enthusiasm makes me smile, Whenever I see a Britain child  on the road, they touch my heart. I don’t know why, because they look cute, they are fresh. Feel liberty inside. But really good.

There are many other good factors like, effective administrative and corrupt free system, which I feel the Britain are proud about and that would be the strong reason they have rule the world attitude.

For me, it is just third Sunday here, the life here in Oxford can be energetic and youthful, if you have good bank balance in pounds, attitude to spend and you want to enjoy the current moment.

Had an opportunity to visit Oxford Tamilians event organized by Tamils here, just relaxed my brain and heart to a large extent, new Tamil friends,  living here for 10+ years like Raji, Baskar, Abdul, Karthik, Kris, Bhuvana, Arakonam boy Bharani all are really soul hearted. I am confident, I can spend remaining months of education more academically,  meaningfully and livingly.

That’s all for now… every hour here seems to be valuable. (
Note: There are many things to write, finding an home, finding a part time job, spending every penny and pound..will continue… thanks for reading :)

Higher studies plan, a long and tough journey

In the same year 2012, just after my enrollment as an Advocate with Bar Council of Tamilnadu, I started finding the Law universities in US & UK to pursue my LL.M. I always presumed that, teaching methods in west is different and good. While, doing so one university came in the gmail advertisement.

Which, I browsed through their website, found very interesting, ha ha. You know London School Economics was my target.  London School of Economics and other top universities   wanted high grades on the LL.B., English proficiency and fees.

Oxford Brookes, somehow impressed me. I submitted my application in December 2012. So in January, I did join an IELTS coaching with Gateway Abroad, Ayanavaram. Run by Mr.Dennis Vasanth.

Mr.Dennis Vasanth, An abroad education agent; a professional advisor,  who represents many foreign universities, he too suggested some colleges. Some how, I did strict my choice to the Oxford Brookes University, the first one I got impressed with. This university stands on 28th rank  in School of Law in the UK. I think, that matches my brilliance.

English teacher at Gateway Abroad was excellent, she gave good emphasize on the reading, interpretation, listening and writing, within one month of learning, I have scored overall 6.5 score of IELTS. Which was the grade of my university requirement.  Unfortunately, in the year 2013, I could not process the UK Visa, as I was not at able to process the bank education loan.

So I requested the university to renew the conditional offer for the Sept 2014 intake. In 2014, I started the process in early March and started doing loan application.

I shall be very grateful to the Branch Manager Mrs.Anandhi, SBI Ayappakkam, the confidence she gave me about processing, made me to UK. The bank loan process went almost 3 months & atleast 20 visits to bank and processing centre. Initially RACPC Anna Nagar, started the application then it was shifted  to the new  RACPC Ayyappanthal.

My new flat which I occupied in the year 2014 was processed for Mortgage. A flat worth about 25 lacs of market value. However the bank only said they would be 12 lacs. The overall fees and accommodation expenses the university mentioned in the CAS letter was round 19 lacs. It was very difficult to convince the RACPC Chief Manager,  Elengovan  to sanction atleast 16. However, Mr. Somasundaram, AGM, RACPC Ayyappanthal a professional man, confirmed me 15 lacs and issued the Loan Sanction Letter on non letter head. “ Loan sanctioned, but Document process is pending” The interest rate on education loan is very high in India.

Mr.Dennis Vasanth, was very sure, that the letter I got is not acceptable and visa will get rejected. He suggested, even if it is taking time, complete all the formalities and get in color letter head.

Actually, he was right, the Documents related to the bank balance and loan documents should be in original bank pass book and letter head, so that the Visa process does not find any gap on this area, or doesn’t stop, even if it stop, forget the visa, you might miss the deadline of the university. Financial proof is very essential for the visa eligibility.

By the time I attended the visa interview, the course at the university has began, however, the university gave 2 weeks relaxation for international students. I had delayed by 1 week and landed here in Oxford on 30th and started my classes on 1 st of October.

Getting into law profession, job prospective

Law Job:

But, however in terms of job perspective, the law profession in India is very competitive, at the mercy of senior Advocates, you need to swim a lot appear for argument hearing, adjournment hearing from 1st day. But at the same time, if you really focus on specific laws, I think, the law is the best field to work. In my case, the obivious reason was not job, but to work towards society.

The law needs a practice to practice law, so, I started submitting resumes to senior advocates and law companies in Chennai. But, it was really difficult even to get reply from the those lawyers, event  a courtesy reply saying that, we have received your CV and we will get back to you if you are successful. Even then, I never missed a chance of visiting the MHAA library. Fortunately, with contacts from US region. I was regularly handling patent attorney services with Indian Patent Office in Chennai for the US clients, mostly on technical side and also with part legal services.

So my “money for honey” is somewhat secured to continue my further search and research.

Fortunately, One day, when I was reading case journals in the MHAA library, a senior most Lawyer(Mr. V.Sundararajan, Srivilliputtur), whom I got impressed on the 1st visit. Because, many Advocates used to come to him and take drafting.

I imagined,  by his conversant in the legal language, I should join as a Junior with such an Advocate. The mind mapping works great, there is some power to it, which could  connect the synced minds together. “You become what, most of the time what you think”

On that day, he initiated a conversation, while so, I told him that I have done M.A & LL.B. and I am looking for a senior lawyer to join. He was such a person, within no seconds, with no second thought, he took me the 2nd floor Chamber hall where he was practicing. He asked me about asked about self and past, immediately, he paid me 500 Rs as Token salary and did wish me all the best & instantly gave some tasks of his past work and to do revamp.

Since then, it has been almost 8 months, had one of my best mentor and great experience in life. He always introduced me to everyone whom he knows, he always introduced me saying “he is associated with me”, never said he is a junior, indeed he never wanted to say even.

We have done many RTI related requests and replies. Civil and criminal cases appeal filings with the high Court, many Prevention of Corruption cases, mostly of senior IAS & Inspectors. He exchanged all his 10 years of his legal experience which he had from Srivilliputtur as a Government Pleader and 30 years as Senior Advocate at High Court of Madras.

He always used to say “Knowledge has no value in the country” . His straightforward thoughts and corrupt free attitude never allowed him to be a Judge. He used to always regret  for the situation of the legal system, for which he has been writing to the Law Ministers, Chief Ministers & Prime Minister about reform for almost 30 years. He is  a man, I will never forget in my life.  A humble and helping man, whom everyone in the High Court of Madras know.

In the month of July, he became ill and undergoing treatment for his diabetes. I visited his house few times. Interestingly,  when you visit people, the visiting person have to carry something, but in his practice, its him always gives you something in hand, when you leave his house return.

I had a small desire to present him something, so I purchased and presented him a cordless telephone. He was so delighted. My heart also felt happy having done such small acknowledgment for his attitude, knowledge and humbleness.

He used to tell me, whenever we praise him… “You may not even visit me when I am dead”. He might have said that by sensing the fast world, and growth of his junior lawyers, human ventures and changing behaviors.

After I reached Oxford, I had a courtesy to write him a letter and posted it using Royal Mail, hope he enjoyed my handwriting and the words. “It is always the blessing of others, specially the elders which takes you the leaps of your life”.

My way to law profession, how I did get to!


For a decade now, I have made my mind to be compassionate of becoming a social entrepreneur. Just being an entrepreneur may give lot of money, but is kind of saturation, but to be a social entrepreneur you need compromise more profits. But, give also a focus on social welfare and nonprofit activities. But, I never deny that “if no money, no honey”, “no respect”, and “can’t even have a meal”, even the family, the road  side dog even won’t respect you.

Accordingly, I have been slowly changing my face towards my long term goals. The goal is as simple as that. “ Your personal output from the skill you have and the work you do shall benefit the people at large, at the same time satisfy the family obligations”.

So my academic ventures continuing since after my 3 year diploma in 1993,  in the last decade, I have enrolled myself into Master of Arts in Human Rights at University of Madras. It gave me good exposure to the Human Rights issues and the role of International Organizations. As I completed, I wanted further higher studies in Germany or any other  European country.  So I started learning French language at Alliance Franchise(A1) Madras.  Some how, French was not that attractive, then I had to choose the other most spoken language. It was my wrong oblivious that Germany was a place for studying higher studies in Human Rights.

I did study the German language  to all 6 Levels, that is till C1. Deutsch language culture was interesting. Also I wanted learn German in Germany to feel the native. So, I applied for a German Visa for an 1 month course, knowing that my bank balance statement is not enough. I still submitted, the German visa  was rejected.

However, my thoughts really questioned me that there is something else which is very, necessary to  support and uphold the Human Rights, yes! You are right. It is the Law.

LL.B. & Madras High Court.

So, my academic search went to do a LL.B. Full Time course at Dr. Ambedkar Law College, Tirupati. I had good group of students, Mr.Prabhakar, Mr.Balaji Chelika, Mr.Vinayagamoorthy, Mr.Illlanchitran, Mr. Prem Kumar, Mr. L.B.R Raja and Mr. Peter. The class attendance, exam preparations and groups discussions always upheld the interest of studying legal subjects.

In enrolled in 2009, when I was 35, completed in 2012, I have completed the LL.B and successfully enrolled as an Advocate with High Court of Madras in December 2012.

35 years, that was the maximum age limit the Bar Council of Tamilnadu & Pondicherry is enacted in Tamilnadu & Pondicherry States.. In the later year,  I found, the objection by Tamilnadu Bar council and other interest groups from Tamilnadu. Justice Kirubakaran made few judgments relevant to this. Later the order of J Kirubakaran was questioned by the   Supreme court and earlier orders was set aside. However, the enrollment process become standstill for many Law aspirants coming from other colleges, out of Tamilnadu.

I think, I made an oblivious decision to enroll in the same year and  I have also registered my association with the Madras High Court Advocate Association. In the year 2013, I had admitted to the All India Bar Council Eligibility Examination in order to practice at Courts.

Successfully, passed out and All India Bar Council Entrance Examination, which issued me a certificate to practice. I am eligible to practice, Now, I am trying to practice to practice. To give more focus on Intellectual Property Law & International Law.

How to start patenting your idea

If you have started your engineering study, it is nature that many new ideas will flow through your mind. Like some children in childhood itself do lot of such creativity and ideas by using whatever the objects and toys they get in the hand.

Many engineering and technology solution companies are very good in R& D. But they fail to create or convert that research into an asset. Namely an IP asset.

Yes, a movable and unaccounted asset called Intellectual priperty.

As one of the American scholar, a Patent Attorney in USPTO said to the Indian Audience, to grow business in the country, create a business culture first.

Without such a culture nothing is going to work out in reality. Free industrial policies, free mentorship, removing unwanted documentation procedures, technology assistance, finance, creating markets and quick approvals are the need of the hour, a word “Super Power” will have to be in practical not just oral.

Exactly, even the large companies like top 500 in India hardly have any technology assistance from the government, providing subsidies to Patentable technologies and systems or not even a liberal or full fledged IP administrative and legislative departments.

Hardly do they have targets to add number of patents to their name as an Inventor or to the nation’s property.

Many top companies in India spend lot in R & D but hardly created an atmosphere to internal IP counsel and Corpus of Intellectual Property assets.

Well, why only companies, even individuals with research knowledge hardly have any attitude or an idea about patent and power of patents

Except, few institutes like IIT and few other engineering colleges, students and scholars hardly have a system, or a one stop window to leverage the intellectual knowledge into intellectual property, adding value to the knowledge as Inventors

Ok, but where and how do we start this culture?

Students, researchers, scholars, engineers and companies need to target at least one patent in their title, own name

It is not easy, as there are many many millions of patents already patented worldwide, it is a guess that hardly any idea is left over. But, Not a problem, every new patent is just one new step of the existing patent, we call it as prior art.

So, millions of such patents do really have potential to add any more million of patents, patents of design, system and process.

Read patents databases like USPTO, EP, Indian Patent Office to read existing patents on your subject.

Find an advanced and alternative concepts with new claims to own your new patent.

The Idea shall be novel, prior art, non obvious and usefulness.

You must start with local parent office and then also register your patent with other important countries, where you find there will be potential for your patent.

To start, you need few basic information in a standard format, the IP office call it Invention Disclosure Form.

Once you start creating this document on your idea, you will get a clear picture of what is your idea is and is it patentable!!!

Please answer to these questions, you shall soon become a patent owner.

You wont really know, it is not going to surprise you that the patent you own will or can one day fetch millions of money appreciation, if not worth zero value too!

For patent filing, patent litigation, technology opinion, prior art search, claim drafting, you may write for guidance on such services 8939577537

Invention Disclosure form
1) Full name, address, and Telephone number if each person who conceived the invention

2) general subject matter and purpose of the invention, including an explanation of the problems to be solved and the deficiencies in the existing technology.

3) A description of the invention, including, if available:

A) Drawings, Photographs, Charts, Test Results, etc.

B) identification of each novel feature

C) an explanation of how the novel features provide advantages over the existing technology

D) A description i any presently contemplated modifications, alterations, improvements, or extensions of the invention

4) A description of the closest known prior art ( attach copies o prior art documents if available):
Attach additional, consecutively numbered pages as needed, each having the signatures of the inventors and witness as indicated below.

Inventor sign & date

Read and Understood by Witness & Date

iPhone duplicate glass replacements, multiple times

iphone 4 broken LCDI have been using the US non-contract, carrier locked at&t iphone purchased at 780 USD was working fine till 2104. As blogged earlier I did a official unlock of my iPhone at Since then, had no problems in updating OS. iTunes Sync. In span of 3 years, this iPhone fell on the floor at least dozen times from 5 ft height and on rough the cement floor, rolled multiple times, luckily it never broke. Except, there was a crack on the back glass panel. In February 2014, it fell down from my bed from about 1 ft height,  LCD facing the tile floor Simpolo make tiles. Damaaarrrrr…front glass broken. My heart broken. :(.

I have been using this iPhone nude, gives more pleasure and comfort than using back covers and bumpers.But, now only i understood,  not using protective iPhone cases can break your heart. I was still using the broken iPhone for 4 weeks tape applied. I approached few apple service centers in Chennai, but they refused to service the broken glass as this phone was purchased in US. I had no option to replace with duplicate  glass, since there are no original quality iPhone LCD assembly available in India, in Chennai, I decided to visit rich street in Chennai.

My day was bad, I saw service centre called Bismi Mobile service in the Richy street, though the guys sounded like expert, they said replacement including LCD assembly, back cover, home button would cost INR2400. But, I was made a scape goat, my iPhone got into the wrong hands. These idiots took 5 hours to repair my iPhone, it seemed they had some problem with LCD assemblies. Atlast, the LCD assembly supplier came and gave the new one, somehow they fixed the LCD. But, the phone was not reassembled properly. idiot service engineers did not even put the mother board screws, battery connector screw, the plastic cover above audio connectors was not put. When I came to house, there was no audio and found the iPhone was not screwed. I got so frustrated and dissatisfied with the service engineer idiot..rafiq.

I thought it is no more good to take the phone to Rich street, I ordered for a new screw set also a new back panel, new one broke the next days itself. After a week of use, I was holding the iPhone 4 in tight jeans pant. When I was trying to board into my car, I heard a patak sound…ha ha..I realized iPhone LCD new assembly again broken. I ordered another LCD assembly and replaced myself through ebay from Jalandhar.

The quality of duplicate iPhone LCD assemblies are so inferior quality that the 2nd LCD assembly also broke down within 1 week. When I enquired again about the original LCD assembly, no luck, however a shop name called Radio Vision name was referred in the Richi Street again.. Oh no… Ever take a phone to service at Richie street unless you know some friends, else you would be made a fool by like Bismi Phone service fellows, unethical and crooks.

When I visited Richie street the 2nd time, I visited those Bismi mobile Service fellows and used harsh words to tell about their unethical behavior and cursed them for such unqualified and unprofessional service standards.

3rd LCD assembly, I bought from Radio Vision, also I reported them the quality, they said, sir these LCD are duplicate qualities, it would break. I did ask about good service centers. Genuine comment they gave is no service engineer in Richie street is good to service the smart phones. I requested them to replace with their engineer, the quality was looking good, but the new problem evolved was that the Phone call proximity UV filter went missing, now display not getting when phone cal is on, leading to unexpected mute and loudspeaker buttons.

Ha ha, the 3rd LCD did not life even for 1 month, during summer vacation tour, when I wanted to get down from the car, I picked up the phone from pant pocket to avoid pressure on the glass, unfortunately, when I was getting down, my pant was struck on the door and all of sudden my Phone fell down from hand due to the jerk. Voila….3rd LCD made a huge sound.. of course huge comments from wife  and brother and mother.. irresponsible fellow. how many times you will break the iPhone. Immediately, I went to a nearby shop and applied a transparent Gum tape vertically. With same condition the iPhone is being used for 3 weeks now.

Though my iPhone 4 has problems like Power button not working, glass broken, proximity sensor not working, my iPhone still gives me better communication and satisfaction on the usage. Looking to buy a original LCD assembly and Power button strip, Proximity UV filter and service it self.

During these period, I had to buy one Nokia Asha 230 smart phone just costed around INR 3300 less then 60 USD. But real smart phone with dual SIM rich experience.  I am still holding this phone for a backup.

If you are really concerned about iPhone use protective cases include number covers, if at all broken try visiting genuine service centers avoid richie street, Prefer Original or replace the iPhone if  it has been used for at least 3 years. These smartphones life span seems to be 3 to 4 years.

Take care..unlike me.


Legal system in India a review

Ultimate authority and solution centre for a common man problem is the courts and the Judges. One  can call it as a  “Legal system”. But, does this system performing to the needs and demand? Is it fulfilling the natural justice? Do the judgments  are in time and when needed?  Does it have the  sufficient Infrastructure to the growing needs of the litigations and suits.?

I came across a law journal comments, which if you read across would raise your eyebrow, would naturally raise a question….how and when this legal system going to reshape, how and when the efficiency is going to improve. Actual statistics are worrying, which needs immediate attention and quick law reforms in the country.

Case 1:

Umakant sharma, Postman, he was charged for appropriating of an amount Rs 57 by a metropolitan magistrate in the year 1984. This case had 350 oral hearings, 30 years of suspension from service. After 29 years, he was acquitted. A sorrier side of Justice delivery system.

Case 2 :

Mahipat Bamgude’s case captures its trivialization. Mahipat Bamgude and his friend, Ghanshyam Bhosale, then aged 22 were travelling to a wedding, when a fellow passenger’s leg accidentally hit the complainant, Shankar Nivangune. This minor accident led to such heated arguments, that Shankar filed a complaint in 1982 against the two u/s 325 (voluntarily causing severe hurt) and 504 (intentional insult) read with S.34. The case remained forgotten until 2010, 29 years later, when it was listed for first hearing. By then, the complainant and all but one of the 13 witnesses had died.

If we look at the facts, our country needs more law graduates, quality practice, opportunities for Junior Advocates, more judges and courts…read below..why?

Facts :
– 250 seats are vacant out of 900 in various High Courts, means 30% of seats are vacant.
– In Tamilnadu alone 162 courts are unmanned.
– Only 15000 district and sub-divisional courts functioning against 18000 all over India
– Total number of pending cases have crossed 3 crores. 30 million cases.
– Out of which 4 million cases are pending in High Courts alone
– It is an approximate guess that, it would take 400 years to complete many pending cases. Specially the criminal appeals.
– Law commission recommended in 1987 that ratio of Indian Judges per population to be increased from current 11 Judges to 110 Judges per million.
– Which is far lagging compared to other developed countries. Australia 58/ Million, Canada 75/Million, UK 100/Million, USA 130/Million.

Common man too much dependance, no confidence in self and relationship, virtue
The other end, common man lost his virtue, eagerness and extra ordinary desires, money attitude leading to unnecessary filing up of cases for even small causes. Small causes can very well be settled between the party by themselves. All it needs a tolerance, forgiveness and amicable settlement with the help of elders and superior individuals in the community. Especially, like minor criminal and civil cases.

Bottlenecks cases in delivery system.

– Matrimonial cases
– Section 138, Negotiable Instruments cases. Cheque bouncing.
– Traffic Challan
– Motor Accident Claim
– Section 498A, Dowry and Domestic Women Violence Act
– Section 482 CrPC
– Civil Suits

Other strict systems which can improve the Judicial system in India

– Electronic filing and Case References
– Giving deadline and maximum number of adjournments else, dismiss the case.
– Control the time period of cases by Judges
– In Criminal cases, plea bargaining then full-fledged trial
– Judges given access to online journals
-Selective docket system like in the US in appraising the petitions, about the interpretation of the laws. Grant only if valid.
– Pre – screening in chambers.
– Judges and Advocates exhibit utmost integrity and Honesty. Both inside and outside courtroom

Legal Education:-

Natural justice says, every common man shall know what is law and can practice law for his own causes. But, there are many questions raised on the development of legal education and court practice, like seniority, caste system,  monopoly interests playing in the court practice, virtually not allowing the young graduates to practice law at ease, there are heavy barriers and channels,  blocking the liberty to error and learn. Influence of politics and Administrative powers are buying the postings.

Quiet interestingly there is  an another worrying factor happening in the legal education system, The Bar Council system hardly monitoring the development of legal education system, asking why in Tamilnadu there are many graduates enrolling in to the Bar, asking why they are completing their  law degrees from other States.  Discriminating  own standards and policies and by  Ignoring to take initiatives in implementing developing programmes for Junior Advocates.

Conclusion :-

Judicial system must evolve from lagging face to revolution face, don’t keep the door open for cases, open the door for completing the cases before coming trial. Uphold natural Justice. Faith in the legal system. Speedy delivery and Fundamental Rights.

I hope the new team with the supervision of Mr.Modi, will give a shape to the  legal and judicial process system to be in par with the developed international countries.

Satymeva Jayathe!  Satymeva Jayathe!  Satymeva Jayathe!  Truth alone Triumphs!

1) Law weekly 2014,  Jan 2014, Criminal Cases

2) Speech Delivered by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Judge, Supreme Court of India dated 07.12.2013 during the One Day Special Programme for District Judges on Challenges facing the Indian Judiciary – Identification and Resolution

Srilanka, Human Rights, YHRI , Road to Rights,

Thanks note to SASYHR 2014


This article is about my Sri Lanka experience.

Few weeks back, I received an exclusive invitation to attend and speak as a international delegate  at South Asia Summit on Youth for Human Rights SASYHR 2014, organized by the Non-Profit Organization called The Road to Rights. Founder Mr.Ashan Perera, Senator at Youth Parliament. Ministry of Social Media, Ministry for Youth and National Youth Council have supported this event.

Youth for Human Rights International, and USA based Non-Profit organization headed by the Dr.Mary Shuttleworth, founder  and  Mr.Bruce Ferguson South Asia Co-Ordinator. The event was colored by Mr. Nishant, Ms. Stephanies, Actress Pooja UmaShankar and South Asia Ambassador Sheena Chauhan.

3 day event  was grandly opened with high profile speakers such as Dr Chris Nonis, UK Amabassador and Lalit Piyum Perera lighting the opening ceremony.

There were 100’s of youth volunteers who were energetic and actively co-ordinated the whole event.

This 3 day event was planned with 7 sessions. Firstly, on the 1st day, 1st session was on the topic Gender Equality.  For some reason, the panelist for the 1st session was not finalized and henceforth an open invitation was given to be panelist. I thought this is an excellent opportunity, so I said with all your permission, I am taking up the panelist position.

But for Instance, I was very blank on the topic, since no preparation was done and no subjects were referred. However, since there were 4 panelist, I took my turn to be 3rd and meanwhile I started pen down the important points of the topic.

When it comes to Gender Equality, there are many issues under this category, so I started taking few important points such as female foeticide and women reservation policy for the session, and elaborated the points with two way interactions.

1) The boy gender going to find it very difficult to find a bride if the female foeticide keeps continuing and ratio is imbalance.

2) Politicians talk so much about women reservation, but practically no representation given  for women. Women should come forward in jobs, politics and administration. Deserve 33%.

This session I have ended with a note that, though the women deserve equal right to men, don’t misuse that equal right by wrongly comparing with the cruel attitude of some men.

Also submitted one of my Facebook post. ““Women is a special character, mother of hospitality, gentleness and softness. Never get to match yourself with the men character and never be at a wrong place at wrong time.”

An audience raised a question during QA time. He asked… why no religion never ever talk about gender equality.

  • So I categorically concluded, this is an issue of every individual and it is a unwritten constitution to respect women. As well, it would be better, if this question can be raised in the World Religious Conference, if any amendments can be made. :)

Secondly, I found very interesting topics were discussed on ICT, Internet Communication Technology, using ICT how can we do the uplifting of the needed one and uphold the human rights, yet another interesting topic was press media. The debates were very thoughtful.

Thirdly, on day 3 of the event, international delegates were given slots to represent their country and topics. So it started first with me India. I was the first one to take up the podium and presented my ppt on UDHR articles 25, 26, 29

26. The Right to Education. Ensure you and all in your family are EDCUATED

UDHR Article 26 , Constitution of Sri Lanka, Chapter VI, Article 27, (2) (h)

Education is a right. Primary school should be free. Our parents can choose what we learn. (h) the complete eradication of illiteracy and the assurance to all persons of the right to universal and equal access to education at all levels.

25. Food and Shelter for All. Protect your Environment
UDHR Article 25 , Constitution of Sri Lanka, Chapter VI, Article 27, (2) (c)

We all have the right to a good life. Mothers and children, people who are old, unemployed or disabled, and all people have the right to be cared for. (c) the realization by all citizens of an adequate standard of living for themselves and their families, including adequate food, clothing and housing, the continuous improvement of living conditions and the full enjoyment of leisure and social and cultural opportunities ;

29. Responsibility/Duty You are responsible for your Country and you UDHR Article 29, Constitution of Sri Lanka, Article 28, Fundamental Duty

We have a duty to other people, and we should protect their rights and freedoms.

End of the presentation introduced about my initiative about the Saraswathi Foundation for Promoting Education and Environment.

In thanks note, I had no other option except to call Mr.Ashan Perera to the stage and requested a big applaud for the initiative.Then I had keynote speech to the Audience and the Administrators, which I made the earlier night.

The speech goes as follows


Dear Sinhalese, Tamils,  Muslims, Burghers, Moors, Malay &  Veddah’s

South Asia Summit on Youth and Human Rights have come to the final day along with World Educational Tour for Peace 2014. This day is going to be a day written in the history of Mother Sri Lanka.

The Road to Rights, youth led movement  headed by Mr.Ashan Perera, The Senator member of the National Youth Parliament and  his concept of creating awareness programme to the public on human rights is going to have very positive  impact on the development of Sri  Lanka.

Every youth of this nation have a courtesy to thank the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skill Development, Ministry of Mass Media and Information and National Youth Services Council for their support and supervising this summit.

Likewise, in my country India the disputed Kashmir, like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria  the conflict of interest has taken a override on peace and a safari ride on the violation of fundamental rights of the common man.

This nation, after ending 3 decades of war, now transforming into the stage of reconciliation and development.  However, reconciliation and development  would be a challenging factor to the State and the Administrators. Primarily because the fundamental rights such as equality, education, health, economy and sustainability, which are to be addressed by each and every citizen of this beautiful nation.

As Dr.Chris Noni said in the opening ceremony, you the youth, the brand ambassadors of the nation,  have a duty to open your mind to inquiry, embrace the change, come out of subjugation,  come out of autocracy, agony, apartheid  and apply equanimity to reap the dividend of peace and uphold the  sovereignty of human values, open your heart to each other and respect to each other irrespective of color creed, ethnicity, religion and rich.

Unity in diversity is a prosperity, peace bonded with economical, social and political rights are the roads for the rights, of course a genuine way to the fundamental rights.

In this juncture,  let us all take the inspirations from the leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, C.W.W. Kannangara (Father of free education of Sri Lanka), Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, Dr. Ambedkar & Nelson Mandela and follow their paths  towards the humanity and peace.

As a  citizen of this developing nation, you the vibrant, energetic, responsible youth, you  hold a complete responsibility in contributing to the development of the nation. To become a developed nation and peace prevailing country, requires a Continued education filled with social ethics and moral values , increasing the agriculture production, technology development, intellectual property assets,  establishment of local industries, strong manufacturing base,  self and sustainable development .

“My dear youngsters! youths of this nation, youths representing the villages and cities; Please note that every bad habit and immoral personal activity that you do in public is witnessed by the children’s and kids of our community, like consuming liquor in public, smoking cigarettes, public nuisance and gambling. Don’t  set yourself as an example of a bad role model and a bad society”

I register my heartiest thanks to Mr.Ashan Perera, Dr Mary Shuttleworth, Dr. Bruce Ferguson, Sheena Chohan, Jinnie, Toven, Tushant, Stephanie, Pooja, Hansaka, Dumi,  my co-delegates from India, International delegates, Local delegates,  each and every volunteer, food &  transport providers, Sri Lankan Airways for the ever remarkable smile and all kind of support provided in your Mother Sri Lanka.

At the outset,  I wish the outcome of this event will  give extracts to the forthcoming World Youth Conference 2014, Mainstreaming Youth in the post-2015 Development agenda.

Bohoma Stuti


Though I took excess time than allotted, I wanted to deliver what I wanted to convey.

Later Afghanistan team made a wonderful presentation, they did a good homework and they were very positive in creating a very positive image of Afghanistan. They had Apple products and technology geeks. Ha ha, however, me Indian had to help them in setting my laptop to run the presentation and audio connection with my Dell Studio 17″ . But from my heart I appreciate Afghanistan for binded brand building presentation. Wish to visit Afghanistan.

Next 2 days, we had a train Travel to Kandy Province and did 4 hour sightseeing and returned back to Colombo. Did some shopping. We were given a free accommodation to MoonSoon Suites, where we were given a serviced apartment.

General Highlights of Sri Lanka

– Colombo is like Singapore, small and beautiful Country

– Sri Lanka Rupee value is half of Indian Rupee. 1INR = 2 SR

– People are tourist friendly.

– Cost of goods and food is expensive in Colombo, it is cheaper as we get out of Colombo.

– Motor vehicles are costly, at least 3 times costlier than India, including bikes and scooters.

– Sri Lankan youth are not much aware about India, same like Indian’s have no much idea about Srilanka

– Sri Lanka is not a manufacturing based country, they don’t produce much. Industries are lagging.

– Sri Lankan youth speak very good English.

– I like the Sri Lankan Baila songs. Party songs

– I felt like it is Goa, Tourist friendly and company

– Muslim community feeling heat after Ethnic war end.

– Tamil community still feel the heat of discrimination, restriction of freedom and opportunities.

– XtremeYouth photography group is the best association of photographers I ever saw in the Indian land. (Dear Chennai photographers, join hands to help social events and make free photos. Earn ad mileage.

– Many NGO are job creators.

– Traffic rules are followed, at places, they are following Chennai

– Heavy traffic on the Airport road, inside city.

– Food is cheaper at some roadside hotels and you get fish

– Kandy train route is the best hillside train travel almost 40 KM goes uphill

– Train coaches are giving too much noise and vibrations.(China make). Son, these are going to be replaced by Indian.

– Nuwara Aliya seems to be best hill station in SL

– In colombo, people seems not using much of milk. They use powder instead.

– Milk and most vegetables are coming from North

– North provinces seems more productive than south

– Beaches are good for evening out. With friends and party.

– Nothing great to purchases except thigh height midi’s and nighties.

I liked Sri Lanka, friendly people. Would like to visit with family in a good season.
Thanks all for the courtesy, hospitality and opportunity!

Hail YHR!!!    Hail HUMAN RIGHTS!!!

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