A dedicated love of a son, left his life before his mother did, a real story

In the month of March, I happen to meet a person named Vijay. It was an annual day function of a pre-school based in Mugappair West, were my wife and Mr.Vijay’s wife  Divya are working as teachers. Just a month old friends.  Mr.Vijay introduced himself as a Financial Consultant, Working for a Kolkotta based portfolio management company, a branch based in T.Nagar, he also introduced himself as an Insurance consultant for Future General. He is married for last 4 four years, no children, doesn’t have vehicle, he cannot drive 2 wheeler because for his  health problems. He also said, he his living with old aged parents, leg amputated mother(68), his father struggling to walk(may be 72 above).

Later, we exchanged business cards and ended the conversation for the day, he left me with a hint that he will visit my office one fine day. (My wife told me that, once upon a time they were rich, had comfortable life in Mumbai, Vijay has spent all of his family savings and jewels for his mother illness, he later moved from Mumbai to Chennai, to stable his life.) 

Next day he tried to call me, unfortunately I could not respond to his missed calls, when I finally returned him the call, he wanted me to meet me in my office. Since it was not convenient, I suggested him that we meet at my home. He agreed and landed up at my home at 8.00 PM. It was 30th march 2012. We offered him ice cream and snacks. Just after, he started introducing me the Insurance products of Future General, on which he was trying to explain me the plans are unique and investor would get regular payout every year after the 5th year. As usual, I have transparently told him that my past insurance policies with private  companies was not good,  hence I am not preferred, will not be interested in any investments at-least in coming few months.

He said, no problem, think about it and let me know tomorrow. The next day on 31st March, I think, his day was born with multiplied mental pressure.  Earlier day, I have made it very clear that, in coming months, I am not planning any new investments on the unit linked plans. However, he started sending sms in the early office hours, I was in a meeting, when he made many missed calls. which I replied him after sometime, understood he was eager to visit me since morning.

He started telling his sales target problems, that he should enroll some policies before end of the day,  otherwise his manager had threatened to cut his salary for the current month, if no premium’s are collected end of the day. Eventually, I understood, that  he is under tremendous mental pressure. A dishonored cheque of  his new customer, sales targets. He insisted me to issue a cheque for a new policy,  which he would come and collect it at my office. I said, Vijay be practical, first of all I have said, I am not interested in private insurance policies, moreover the plan is not interesting to me, as well I cannot divert any funds as of now.  He was under  pressure, stress, a  salary deduction.

I told him finally,  Vijay, I can definitely help you as a person if you really need some money for personal needs, don’t compel me to Investment. With a thanks note, he just closed the discussion. Then after he never spoke to me. 4th week of may, Vijay’s wife had gone to Kerala for a wedding, she was expected to return on 26th of May to relieve my wife, who was attending the school.

On 25th Vijay called his wife school and told that, his mother is not feeling well, hence his wife cannot report to duty. The next day, Vijay’s wife called my wife and just said, Padma, my husband is no more! It was shocking, earlier day, mother was admitted in the same hospital, how this happened?.

Vijay was reported dead due to his organ failures, blood vessels busted. He loved his mother so much that, he wanted his mother to be alive for the rest of the life. He had spent all of his earnings, he also been telling that, he cannot imagine his life without his mother.  His mother is 68, diabetic and leg amputated patient, once was affected by brain tumor too.  The death news was shocking, instant after hearing the news, my only imagination was that he had a suicide, may be financial and family problems.

When his wife was in holidays, on 25th, his mother got  a serious health condition, he seemed to have taken his mother and admitted her at Indian hospital, Anna Nagar. The  doctors have told to deposit some cash, already in financial trouble, he seemed to have called few his friends to the hospital, they had swiped cards for some initial deposits. After scan results, doctors have told that  she may survive only for 4 days. This news could have put him in more stress, he stayed all night at hospital, was serving his mother whole night. He also seemed to have fever, but he did not care, the next day at 3.00 PM he planned to return to home, where his father, who is alone for more than 12 hours, probably he had skipped all his meals, it was 108 degree  temperature outside, he was walking towards his house, while walking, he seemed to  have dialed his wife , friend and his relative to say that he his getting unconscious and all of sudden he seemed to have hit by fix, he fell down bitting his tongue. 108 emergency was called, he was admitted to the same hospital were his mother was admitted.

Again his friends were called to deposit some money for ICU about 25000, his friends could pay only 10000. The Indian hospital seem to be into money making business than doing a health service! Vijay was already in coma stage, blood flowing through his nose and ear. Doctors have told, they need 24 hours to comment. later evening, he was reported dead. As the news came in, I was discussing to my mother, the pressure/stress I found on him on  31st March.

Next day myself and my wife went to their rented house in Mugappair house at 11 AM, tried to console Vijay’s wife, the other side, his father is left alone and his father is worried about his future and  demise of his only son. I spoke to some of his relatives, yes, they said, he dedicated his important years just for his mother, rather settle his life. They also said, they are expecting the news of his mother anytime in couple of days. We then returned home, by 1.00PM we got news that his mother also dead! Her dead body was brought at 3.00 and at 4.30 both of them were taken for cremation. There was delay in arranging mortuary vehicle due to Diesel scare in the the city.The day touched my emotions, though appreciable dedication, felt he did something wrong, that had costed his life.

A sad life, reflects the true love to mother. But in the process, a man who never planned his life properly, spent to hospital’s beyond his capacity, spoiling his own life, not even a lakh of insurance claim he insured.

May be Vijay’s wife,  might start a new life, but his father, very aged might be worried about his next meal and a place to sleep. 

A typical problem of old age marriage and hospital expenses. A dedicated love of a son, left his life before his mother did.

Harvest early!

Be practical!

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