Ambattur bridge, long time due for residents, accidents daily occurrence

Ambattur bridge, long time due for residents, accidents daily occurrence

It was my first election promise in the TNGLA 2016, to the Voters of Ambattur, that to get the Conveyor Bridge for Pedestrians, to avoid the Railway Gate, Ambattur Railway station.

Highlighting issues.

  • Several thousand passengers cross gates by the walk every day
  • It connects the Market and Ambattur OT on one side
  • It connects to the MTH Road, Ambattur Estate on the other side.
  • 7 railway tracks are persisting in this gate
  • Making it complicated for passengers and pedestrians to guess on which track the train is coming
  • So many pedestrians die frequently due to train accidents, the sudden arrival of fast-track trains.
  • Ambattur Station Ledger and GRP police records might say the number of deaths in this station.
  • The foot overbridge is too high and too narrow.

I have written the below grievance to the Prime Minister Grievance cell on 08/05/2017, to the Railway Board As usual, they received and forwarded it the Southern Railway Chennai.  The following reply came from the department of Southern Railway.

Current Status
Case closed
Date of Action



Your suggestion is noted and will be examined subject to extant norms and availability of funds. We thank you for the suggestion.

Officer Name
Officer Designation
Contact Address
Railway Divisional office
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After a year, I received the above reply,  no action yet taken by the Government, by the Southern Railway. So many crores are being spent on useless things, while the safety is not provided at Ambattur Railway Station. Read this sad story.  Two killed on the tracks near Ambattur   STAFF REPORTER CHENNAI, JUNE 30, 2018 00:27 IS Accident is quite common in this gate. Similarly Avadi Gate.

Grievance sent.

Respected Sirs/Madam


This may not be the first request regarding this. Still, I am deeply concerned for the general public and train commuters of Ambattur Station and public over the bridge (Metal Type). to be integrated with.

The exact location of the bridge in google map is as follows.: Conveyor System

Google map of Ambattur Railway gate,80.1540623,131m/data=3m11e34m53m41s0x3a5263a579315781:0x52b338f9e6f36a618m23d13.11450974d80.1543939

What is required.

An Electric operated conveyor system in the name of Shri Modiji and Shri Suresh Prabu ji to be installed at Ambattur Railway Gate Bridge. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Reasons why Conveyor is better:
1) The railway line divides the famous vegetable market between south and north.
2) There are 7 railway lines exists between the gates.
3) 3 Lines normally used as yard line to stagnate express or goods trains, resulting in the blocking of railway gate most of the times.
4) Since there are 4 active lines every few minutes train pass the gate
5) At least 50 to 100 people per minute do pedestrian cross this gate, cross the 7 train lines.
6) On average daily 1 lakh pedestrian cross this gate
7) There is a metal-based, over the footbridge, it is used only yard trains block the gate.
8) The metal-based, over the footbridge is very tall and it is difficult for people of elder age to claim the stairs.
9) Due to heavy pedestrian and train movements, everyday accidents lead to many deaths.

Solutions: Maybe there are proposals for the underground bridge. But, I personally recommend, conveyor based over the bridge can solve the problem. Because there is a state highway-railway bridge within 200 meters that connects both the sides and all the vehicles can use the same.

Therefore, an immediate installation of the conveyor on the ends, connecting the existing metal bridge, one conveyor connecting the 2nd platform are the easiest solution.

In view of the above circumstances, I kindly, humbly request that the Railway Board, shall immediately apprise the project for installation of the Conveyors.

The project shall be named as Atalji’s Yatri Seva
Note: I am posting this while, Atalji’s remains are brought to Chennai on 24.08.2018

Thanking you with a lot of anticipation.