Apple need a serious review on the Phone call functionality, microphone issue, audio chip.

For few months my iPhone 4 is repeatedly giving problem with mic. Specially, when a phone call is made, other end person cannot hear my voice. For the 3rd time, I have disassembled my iPhone 4 and changed the spares. 1st time I have changed my headphone jack pin. There was my post related to that. iPhone 4 mic only not working in phone app .  It worked for sometime, after few months, again it started repeating, but after checking lot of forums, i suspected the dock connector which has another microphone,  I have ordered a Dock connector from ebay around 20 USD and replaced  it.

It started working perfectly, but did not continue,  problem occurred again after 3 months.  Past few weeks,  my voice is not clear or completely eliminated in all phone calls, even the Voice memo app was not recording properly. hello hello..hello. If I hit the phone hardly with lap, it starts working, the problem was permanent and repeated for every call.

For few days, I was think of an alternative phone, preferably Nokia, to ensure that phone calls are pleasant. I wanted to try Nokia, so tested the Lumia 520. However, Windows phone 8 is no where match to the iOS Contacts and messaging interface.  Which are very important feature for me.  Having used iOs for past 5 years, I wanted an alternative phone which can give the same interface as iOS.  But I guess, none of the operating system is nearby.

I again reviewed the iPhone hardware forums, surprisingly, understood that even the iPhone 5S is having mic issue and audio problem on phone calls. This is a serious issue Apple hardware engineers need to review and pay some immediate attention on the mic issue, noise cancellation technology, board soldering and headphone jack mechanism.

iPhone devices seems to be inferior in phone functionality, Apple team need to follow traditional mobile phone call technology as used by the Nokia, Java, Symbian OS phones.

Today, I took a risk again to disassemble my iPhone 4 to check the mic near the doc connector and the headphone jack pin. But landed up with some youtube video’s which suggested a paper patch above the audio processing chip just above the A4 processor. right top corner of the bottom side of the mother board. Finally, I have placed a paper patch above the audio chip and closed the iPhone tightly. 

Now, my iPhone 4 is back with normal voice at both the ends. i feel highly relieved from the pain of missing phone calls as to look for an alternative of iOS.

Anyway, Apple iPhone engineers, should see that, the Phone functionality is not affected by the quality of hardware and not to mix of simple mobile GSM technology, phone call functionality with huge Operating system?

Note: Also I have understood, never use iPhone purchased from other country even if it is unlocked, buy only if international warranty is covered in your country. Because, replacement or service is a biggest problem if not covered are purchased in your own country. In India. Apple Service care providers never even help.




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