Arch Installation and tree plantations

Arch Installation and tree plantations

Today, 15.10.2018, retired Head Master Shri M.G.Pichandi, Honorary President of Parents Teacher Association, PTA Group, Mosur has Contributed Rs 75000 to build an entrance Arch in the Mosur Higher Secondary School, he has contributed this in remembrance of his parents.

Shri M.G. Pichandi, 78 years old, Best Teacher Awardee, who always concerns a lot about the Education System, Teachers, and the Students welfare. He has done a lot of social work and contribution to this school infrastructure.

From my knowledge, apart from his contribution, he is continuously volunteering to this school facilities for 2 decades now.

This is the school I have studied my 6th to 10th standard and passed out of 1990 batch. When I was studying here, we had school but most of the top roofs, tile-based roof, used to leak during the rain. During summers most of the time, class sessions in routine were conducted below shadow trees those were located in the backside of the building. As such, the class rooms were separated using bamboo partition, rather the building used to be called as Maatu Kottai(Cattle Shed).

Classrooms and the playground space were very limited, the playground was small. Most suitable to play, Ko-Ko, Baseball, Long jump, Javelin Through and etc.

This was only a High School until the year 2006, Thereafter, due to the efforts taken by Shri M.G.Pichandi, this school got upgraded as the Higher Secondary School.

However, due to the shortage of Infrastructure Shri. Pichandi on his personal interest, took efforts and made monetary contribution of around 2 Lakhs, to satisfy the requirement of public/villagers contribution..

He secured the permission of the Education Department and Administrative officers to get clearance for the allotment of bigger land and bigger school

Today, this school holds 5+ acres and huge buildings with sufficient classrooms.

In fact, the premises is now fully secured with a full-fledged compound, a gate, Security watchman, and in the centre an huge playground.

The strength of school used to be 1000 students( 6th to 12th). However, in 2018-2019, the strength of students drastically came down, due to the establishment of many private matriculation and CBSE schools in the area, nearby town Arakkonam. Only poor students, who cannot afford private school fees are studying in the school now.

As such, the performance of the school and the results of the students came down drastically, for various and unknown reasons.

On this occasion of the opening ceremony of the Arch, Shri. M.G.Pichandi has requested me to donate free saplings. With that opportunity, on behalf of Saraswathi Foundation for Promoting Education and Environment,, I have managed to arrange 25 saplings of Pungai And Veppai (Neem) tree saplings from the forest nursery, already have grown-up to the height of 3~4 feet.

(Pungai sapling)

This is the 2nd attempt in this school campus. Earlier we have planted around 30 trees and secured with a fence. however, due to damages in the compound, cows and goats destroyed the grown-up saplings. It was hard to believe that the Teachers, student, and the community were so negligent to the trees.

Well, this time Shri.M.G.Pichandi assured that compound wall has been fixed and a watchman is employed to secure properties. While looking at several other school compounds in the district, this is the only high Secondary school, which doesn’t have trees in the compound. This is the time, they should be allowed to be grown-up.

Therefore, it’s my wish that this attempt will result, successful growth. I too wish teachers, students and the Villagers will safeguard these tree saplings and see them as a grown-up trees in 5 years to come.

(The event was supported by the District Education Officer, K.Gunasekaran, BDO, Arakkonam, Village Administrative Officer Mosur, Head Mistress A. Beula Ambika M.Sc, M.Ed, M.Phil, Sa. Sadasivam, PMK, President PTA Group).

Thank you Shri Pichandi for opportunity to serve, Mother Saraswathi (Contribution for Logistics, ) Padmavathi Devarajan support, Mr.Arul, Mr.Kulothungan for all the help to mobilise tree saplings.