Bahubali – 2 review, Murugan Cinemas Amabttur

Bahaubali -2 the Conclusion.

I watched Bahubali 1, was really admired about the movie and the efforts made by the whole team.  Technical aspects, characters, picturization, feel in every scene and how it was craved. With the same anticipation, Bahubali -2 has struck the minds of Indian cinema viewers, including me. Bahubali -2 kept its promise. Kudos to Rajamouli, who becomes the Indian Steven Spielberg. Legend director of Indian Cinema.

In my experience, this may be the first movie,  people in large numbers, family and children walked to cinema halls to view the movie, many walked backed with no tickets. traveled far away to see the movie.

Commercially, In Chennai alone, around 50 Cinemas halls each running average of 20 shows a day and average collection of INR 50000/show. Amounting to daily of a collection of 10 lakhs day per cinema hall and around 5 to 10 crores a day.

Even first 4 days of full booked shows might be fetching around 25 Crores to 50 crores in Chennai Alone. Imagine 10 metros cities and 100s of other B-grade cities. My expectation is the movie already made a 1000 Crores to the least in just 4 days.

As such, Movie is the one best EPIC even S.Rajamouli would ever make again.

Praiseless effort of the whole Bahaubali-2 team, they incorporated a personal interest in craving every element of the movie.

Instead, I say, anything this movie has negatives, Except,  I watched a movie in Tamil when I wanted to see in Telugu. I would like list what this movie is all about.

  • The whole movie takes everyone’s eye to the screen frame by frame, undistracted.
  •  Tends to make you feel that you want to convey something good about the movie to the one sitting next to you
  • It never distracts you from the story, except few scenes which are bit slow.
  • Landscapes are best.
  • Anushka Shetty’s one of her best role in her career. So beautifully projected.
  • Evey character in this has done their best with skill and effort.
  • Poster frames masterpieces.
  • Two different Kingdoms are shown with two different weather atmosphere and architectures and style.

Every imagination is like taken from a dream with no limits. Especially a boat made to fly.

  • Notable roles by Satyaraj, Ramya Krishnan, Prabhas, Rana, Anushka, Nazer. BEST opportunity.

Otherwise, There are lot of morals one can get from this movie.

  1. Respecting mother at the same time.
  2. Respecting Dharma and Commitment
  3. Differentiating between the Good and the Bad
  4. How emperors and their families think about power, desire to rule.

Admired Poster Stills from Bahubali – Source IMDb

  1. Image result for bahubali 2 review imdb


I wanted to watch this in Telugu, unfortunately, not many screens in Chennai show the Telugu version except few. Theatre nearest to my home is Rakki Cinemas and Muruguan. Rakki normally boxes Telugu movies atleast few shows when new telugu movies are released. This time, Bahaubali, all screens and all shows are Tamil version of it. Even Tamil tickets not available from Friday, until Monday.

Murugan Cinemas

At 8.25 PM on Monday, I tried Murugan Cinemas, there were tickets available. Since I am now a summer vacation bachelor, I have booked one for myself 10.30 show. booking smooth and received message for Velumurugan screen.

No further e-ticket printing anything, just walk into your reserved seat, no one interested in verifying your seat number before you enter.

I just thought India has changed a lot because this screen has 29 rows of 20 seats each, around 580 seats. No more ticket verification. Because they are confident all seats are full. There won’t be any discrepancy.

20 years back, I remember watching Thevar Magan at Murugan Cinemas Ambattur, first-day first show, so crowd, people were hurt for buying tickets and theater staff hitting with sticks to streamline the queue.  Only one screen, tickets sold in excess numbers than actual seats. hundred stood on the floor, stairs to watch the movie.

Well, today Murugan has changed a lot, with QUBE and advanced audio and air-conditioning system with comfortable chairs. Today, lot of Air Freshener and good temperature made everyone to feel happy and good mood to watch the movie.


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