Who is performing better? Kiran Bedi or Kejriwal

 bedi vs kejriwalComedian vs Thinker?
Who is performing better? Kiran Bedi-Kejriwal

We all know Delhi General Assembly election was a battle between the BJP and AAP (Bedi-Kejriwal).  Because in 2013, though both parties won near to equal seats, Kejriwal took away the coalition and formed his government. However, he cited vague reasons to quit as the Chief Minister.

Probably, that was a mistake BJP has done giving disturbances to AAP and causing 2015 election to be lost.  In 2015, AAP came up with the Single majority and formed the Government.

It has been 3 years now, the AAP, Mr.Kejriwal is in Rule as the CM. The Delhites seems to be hearing nothing but a blame game from the AAP stating that they cannot do anything for the reason that LG is obstructing all of their plans and Modi’s is obstructing.

Well, personally though I have supported the Anti Corruption movement that was begun by Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal used that opportunity to cheat the voters and gained his political mileage.

There are 4 questions I need to ask Mr.Arvind Kejriwal.

  1. Have you done anything good to Delhi so far since you formed the Delhi Government from 2015?(Please don’t tell about free schemes)
  2. Whether have you upheld any of the mission or vision of Mr.Anna Hazare?
  3.  Whether have you passed the Lokpal bill which was presented but failed, for which reason you have wasted around 50 crores of Election expenditure, and dissolved Delhi Assembly in 2014. ? What is the status of the Lokpal Bill?
  4. Whether have you executed any of your AAP’s Election Agenda for Delhi?

With regard to question 3, I found a news article, which says RTI revealed that the AAP government is still keeping it pending? Can we know for what reason?


As far the Schemes are concerned, People say some free schemes are doing good.  Please stop fooling around with free schemes. In every State, free schemes are doing good, because of its a bribe to Voters.

Whether as an Administrator, Bedi-Kejriwal. Have you done anything good to the city?

a) Have you prepared any plan for Delhi 2025 or 2030?

b) Have you done anything to improve the Delhi Cleanliness?

c) Have you done anything to improve the Security of Delhiites?

d) Have you installed the CCTV Cameras?

e) What bills have been discussed in the Assembly, and how many bills have been passed?

On the other hand, Kiran Bedi, given a chance to take the role as the LG, from her active and daily activities and coordination with the Administration and  Departments. I presume she is a hard worker, very much interested in doing good for the society, for the role given, in the interest of the development of the society, and she has remarkably done some good initiatives to the Union Territory of Pondicherry.

This post is open to the visitors, to add what they feel good about Kejriwal and Bedi? As per their role as part of the Government, who have done it with integrity, hard-working, improved the Administrative System, (Please ignore the free schemes), and solid plans have for future?

Devarajan G
MLA Runner, General Assembly Election TN 2016.
Ilaingnar Kootamaippu. (unregistered political party/movement)

Delhi generates  8,000-9,000 tonnes  of waste, daily. Bedi-Kejriwal