Downtrend of Tamil Nadu

Since, the episode of J.Jayalalitha’s surprised demise, followed by Jallikattu protests, Coup like moment of AIADMK, change of OPS to EPS as Chief minister, imprisonment of Sasikala, R.K Nagar election violations, corruption, and all other administrative problems like ineffective liquor control, water problems, drought, farmer issues, plot registration problems and overall deficiencies in the administration. Tamilnadu’s political affair is demonstrating the downtrend of the Developed status of the State to undeveloped state. A long ago, Bihar used to be like what Tamilnadu is today.

The circumstances look like, citizens of Tamilnadu may have to expect some unexpected happenings in the state in coming months.

Some immediate problems I see are

  1. Elected MLAs have lost their dignity and independent legislative powers
  2. There is no vision among the leaders to run the state
  3. The immediate thoughts of the elected MLA’s the ministers is just focused on safeguarding their current title, rather than authoritatively work in the interest of the state.
  4. Revenue is fully depending on TASMAC revenue.
  5. There is a lack of qualified Advisors

It currently resembles as a headless state. I really wonder what these politicians are going to do with the money because by then they would be surrounded by an environment, under which they would not be able to enjoy their own meal with a dignity and without fear.

I personally feel a missed opportunity of being a Legislature from TNGLA 2016 elections. Ambattur Constituency should have given me an opportunity to work as an effective legislature.