Effective Cockroach Killer Care Guard

  • Effective Cockroach Killer Care Guard

Like environment issues, street stray dogs, rats, home Cockroaches are a nuisance. If one Cockroach gets through into your house in the span of few months, your house may be taken over by the Cockroaches.

Apart from your wife, Cockroaches become the queen of your kitchen.

The only difference is wife rules the kitchen and until 11 PM, thereafter cockroaches take over the kitchen dining table and the whole house.

in my experience this is what happened. 4 years old home, cockroaches started ruling my kitchen and dining table, maybe I guess they got infiltration through my backpack, probably from an Indian Railway Train Journey.

it quite normal for Indian Railways to see guests like cockroaches, bugs, and rats.

Whenever I woke up at midnight or early morning, we could see a lot of cockroaches roaming around the house. Yeah, my madam is clean in keeping the house, still, it’s pathetic to see these cockroaches roaming around at midnight. Further, they create a Stinky smell around the kitchen.

I have tried Cockroach Hit spray, Cockroach killer chalk and etc. Still, They were expanding… especially my office desk (Godrej Office Table) were¬† also infiltrated by cockroaches.

I habit I followed is to kill each one of them whenever I see them. I think cockroaches still not brought in to the pet insects or pet animal or any legal provision under Animal Welfare. Just joking!.
As such, my house at midnight was a mess. no solutions worked.

Recently, it worked after I have tried this Gel. No cockroaches for the last few months. Now, Wife remains as the queen of the kitchen, me as the king of my house. Cockroaches have vanished out.

if you want to try instead of many thousands of rupees in pest control, I may suggest you try this gel Care Guard Gel

Please read the caution warmings of the product.