FDI on retail and regulator authority.

Every other news paper and news channels cover the topics those are hot for the day, specially the press reports from the ruling and opposite parties.  Mostly, what is edited by these media’s are the mere words expressed by politicians. Some cases, they twist the tongue of the words spoken, with a motive to attract the readers, may be create a anger, institute a hesitation & etc.  Whether it is a nuclear power project, supreme court order on release of Cauvery water or FDI on retail. The editors, authors ignore to express the facts and statistics of the news, virtually blanking the thought process of the news readers, as well ignoring the community education both at the administration level retain biased thoughts to remain.

For example, FDI on retail, Sonia Gandhi expressed that the FDI on retail would help farmers directly, instead of the middle brokers. Isn’t this statement a baseless?   In reality, does the FDI on  retail would benefit the farmers directly? if so..then how? In general FDI on retail is nothing but investment for establishing stores. Such case,how does investment would ensure that the procurement of commodities are  purchased always from the farmers. Is the FDI clause defines a terms and laws to do this!

It is an unexplained truth that in economy, the demand and supply affects the price. Purchasing and shipping of commodities from rural areas requires a local mediators & transporters. Which actually means the broker system, which is not going to be changed?  It is baseless for the FDI proposers to say that the decision on allowing investments going to give the farmers the better returns! Media companies hold responsibility to illustrate the rules and laws of FDI on retail and educate farmers, how FDI is going to work  in relationship with farmers.

As weel, my question here is…..Is there a regulatory authority? which would monitor that the contracts between farmers and foriegn hold retail giants?

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