Gandhi Jayanthi tree plantation event – 2016

A dream project came to reality. This project was funded by M/s. Saraswathi Foundation For Promoting Education and Environment.

This has been a dream project inspired by  Rajendran Prasad , supported by Sripuram Golden Temple’s Green Project, who sponsored 300 tree saplings and other 150 tree saplings from forest department Vellore. Totalling, 450 tree saplings under the vision of Saraswathi Foundation for Promoting Education & Environment. Immense and sincere handwork, and voluntarism by Kasi Kasi, Ganam, Shailesh Mahi, Football Sathish, Nawin Sima, Sathish Prem, Karuna Gangatharan, Saravanan Thularam, Johny Jj and by Karthik Suresh, on this Gandi Jayanthi day occasion, shadows giving saplings are planted between the #Ambharishspuram to #Mosur Railway gate, Railway Gate to Indian Red cross road, Mosur to Cheyyur Road. Tree saplings ranging from 3 ft height to 7 ft height.! Villages benefitted, Ambhrishapuram, Mosur, Puliyamangalam, Steel Plant,

A part of 30 tree plants are placed in Mosur Government Higher Secondary School, with fencing.

Cost of Event.

  1. Plants Transportation (Vellore to Arakkonam): INR 2800/-
  2. Digging Pits and fencing – INR 3650/-
  3. Watering services  INR   600/-
  4. Food expenses         INR  640/-

On average it cost about Rs 100/- per plant for the transport, pit, and fencing.

If you are interested in conducting similar activity in your area, you are free to contact us. To support our activities, we also accept generous donations from volunteers in following manners.

1) Printing materials & Postal Expenses.
a) Pay for printing cost of posters & Stickers (meant for placing the education materials in notice board and mailing expenses)
2) Tree saplings.
3) Agriculture equipments for large scale tree plantation programme. (Earth Auger etc)
4) Pay for Transportation costs for shipping tree plantations from nurseries to event locations.
5) Making a Donation by funds.

Donation may be made to :- 
Account Name : Saraswathi Foundation for Promoting Education & Environment
Account No. : 33923229201
Bank : State Bank of India
Branch : Ayappakam, Chennai -77
IFS Code : SBIN0016403
Account Type : Current Account.

How to Join this movement/Start activities in your area.? 
To promote the social ethics and values education among the learning community, the foundation and it’s volunteers spend lot of time and resources to continue the activities along with students and local administrative. if you believe you can make the difference, and you co-ordinate with your local representatives like village president, school headmasters and factories. We are ready to support by conducting activities like education programmes or tree plantation and environment awareness
To Contact us.
facebook : sarasedentrust
email :
mobile : +91 9884487089

Saraswathi Foundation for Promoting Education and Environment G Rajendran, Shipping and Logistics Manager Ambharishapuram Boys, Arakkonam Youth Karuna Gangadharan Johny Sathish Jayakumar Shailesh Loganathan thumb_IMG_0318_1024 Shailesh L and Ajai Venkatesan Karthik Suresh Shailesh L, Ambhraishapuram Kasi Sankaran