Getting into law profession, job prospective

Law Job:

But, however in terms of job perspective, the law profession in India is very competitive, at the mercy of senior Advocates, you need to swim a lot appear for argument hearing, adjournment hearing from 1st day. But at the same time, if you really focus on specific laws, I think, the law is the best field to work. In my case, the obivious reason was not job, but to work towards society.

The law needs a practice to practice law, so, I started submitting resumes to senior advocates and law companies in Chennai. But, it was really difficult even to get reply from the those lawyers, event  a courtesy reply saying that, we have received your CV and we will get back to you if you are successful. Even then, I never missed a chance of visiting the MHAA library. Fortunately, with contacts from US region. I was regularly handling patent attorney services with Indian Patent Office in Chennai for the US clients, mostly on technical side and also with part legal services.

So my “money for honey” is somewhat secured to continue my further search and research.

Fortunately, One day, when I was reading case journals in the MHAA library, a senior most Lawyer(Mr. V.Sundararajan, Srivilliputtur), whom I got impressed on the 1st visit. Because, many Advocates used to come to him and take drafting.

I imagined,  by his conversant in the legal language, I should join as a Junior with such an Advocate. The mind mapping works great, there is some power to it, which could  connect the synced minds together. “You become what, most of the time what you think”

On that day, he initiated a conversation, while so, I told him that I have done M.A & LL.B. and I am looking for a senior lawyer to join. He was such a person, within no seconds, with no second thought, he took me the 2nd floor Chamber hall where he was practicing. He asked me about asked about self and past, immediately, he paid me 500 Rs as Token salary and did wish me all the best & instantly gave some tasks of his past work and to do revamp.

Since then, it has been almost 8 months, had one of my best mentor and great experience in life. He always introduced me to everyone whom he knows, he always introduced me saying “he is associated with me”, never said he is a junior, indeed he never wanted to say even.

We have done many RTI related requests and replies. Civil and criminal cases appeal filings with the high Court, many Prevention of Corruption cases, mostly of senior IAS & Inspectors. He exchanged all his 10 years of his legal experience which he had from Srivilliputtur as a Government Pleader and 30 years as Senior Advocate at High Court of Madras.

He always used to say “Knowledge has no value in the country” . His straightforward thoughts and corrupt free attitude never allowed him to be a Judge. He used to always regret  for the situation of the legal system, for which he has been writing to the Law Ministers, Chief Ministers & Prime Minister about reform for almost 30 years. He is  a man, I will never forget in my life.  A humble and helping man, whom everyone in the High Court of Madras know.

In the month of July, he became ill and undergoing treatment for his diabetes. I visited his house few times. Interestingly,  when you visit people, the visiting person have to carry something, but in his practice, its him always gives you something in hand, when you leave his house return.

I had a small desire to present him something, so I purchased and presented him a cordless telephone. He was so delighted. My heart also felt happy having done such small acknowledgment for his attitude, knowledge and humbleness.

He used to tell me, whenever we praise him… “You may not even visit me when I am dead”. He might have said that by sensing the fast world, and growth of his junior lawyers, human ventures and changing behaviors.

After I reached Oxford, I had a courtesy to write him a letter and posted it using Royal Mail, hope he enjoyed my handwriting and the words. “It is always the blessing of others, specially the elders which takes you the leaps of your life”.


  1. As my senior said, You may not even visit me when I am dead””, and the fact is, I never did. My legal field professionals and associations proved me that no one was bothered about his death, including the Madras High Court Bar Association ..Even though I visited him in October 4th week, 2016, in November 1st week he died of illness. His demise reached me only after few months in Jan 2017. SAD.