How to avoid rape and ensure better women rights

By the time, I started this post, the news came in about the end of life journey of Nirbhaya. It is a cold blood murder, the culprits deserve capital punishment, but I doubt it would be any easy, the law award the capital punishment to those culprits. Even,if the law won’t punish the culprits, they would naturally be punished by the anger people. May be an encounter soon or later.

In simple words, these culprits are worst than animals. Chemical, emotional and accidental crime.  It is not fair to discuss anything further about the incident and acts therein. But, the thought should find why such incidents are occurring? from wherethe inspiration coming from? what is the solution?

After Delhi rape incident, the national paper media’s recording at least 2 rape cases as headlines everyday. No age limit, from 2 year child to 60 year grandma’s. The fact is, it is not new and surprising, for the past couple of years, every other minute a girl/women is raped somewhere in the corner of the country, even in other countries. It is a worldwide phenomina. Many incidents get unreported due to physiological problems aftermath & corruption of administrators.

From my personal perspective, these incidents might be having a parameters such as common factors, absence or excess of media, men vs. women(physical and mental differences), prostitution vs. rape, prostitution vs. women rights, and police patrolling system and so on.

Common factors
– Most incidents happen when the girl or women is left alone at places, while walking on remote area’s especially during nights.
– These days, many incidents have reported when a boy and girl, as a couple roam at remote locations, either because of love or intimacy.
– Women wrongly taking the equivalent rights as men at wrong places.
– Culprits are regular offenders.
– Culprits either drunken
– Murder after rape to suppress the crime reporting.
– Assembly of group of men at wrong time and wrong places.
– Social behavior of the society.
– Promotion of adult content vs. curtailing the sex habits physiologically.
– Intuition of one person among the group, leading to gang rape.

Men vs. Women.
– By nature the men and women are different, by body/physical structure or mental strength. Level of after effects of a rape.
– A normal women cannot over power a men, it would be unimaginable when culprits turn into animals.
– Women should appreciate the soft nature of her body and mind. Avoid, thinking radically and get self in wrong places.
– Never go out after dark/night turns, specially avoid lone area’s, where no moment of people.
– Don’t think that your boy friend will fight for you and they are super hero’s.

Prostitution vs. Rape
– Would a legal prostitution can reduce rape?

Prostitution vs. Women Rights
– Yes, it might turn into another women rights violation, forcing prostitution and trading a women.
– Again, rape & torture within prostitution.

Recent events a good examples for broader study, administration and policy makers have a tough time ahead. They have to analyze and act. Here are my valuable points for  the Administration & Policy makers.

Yes, statistical studies and stringent policies can naturally improve the women rights violation and reduce the rape crimes. A best method would be to study different States/Countries, sex education system, legal prostitution policies, social status of sex habits, number of crimes reported per population. The punishment law’s and better policing system.

Some other root causes from refrences by Janet Meyer, M.A. 11/22/00.
– Physiology and Neurophysiology ( Hormone system)

– Alcohol (Considerable evidence links alcohol and physical aggression. Alcohol use is involved in up to 75% of acquaintance rapes. Alcohol affects men’s perception of women’s sexual intent.)

– Attitudes and Gender Schemas (Sexually aggressive men are more likely to believe myths about rape and that use of interpersonal violence is an effective strategy for resolving conflict than are non-aggressive men.)

– Sex and power motives (Research has confirmed that motives of power and anger are more prominent in rapists’ rationalizations for sexual aggression than sexual desires are.)

– Family(Children who are exposed to violence between their parents are more likely to be involved in violent intimate relationships as adults)

– Sexual expectations and rape myth (Expectations transmitted by our culture typically encourage men to feel superior, entitled, and that they should be always on the lookout for and ready to initiate sex in their relationships with women.)

– Media, Cinema’s (From the early days of the modern women’s movement, feminists contended that pornography encouraged sexual aggression towards women by portraying them as nothing more than sex objects, a view that is supported in the

– Schools and Other Influences( Group sports may increase the sexual aggression)

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