iCloud unlock and iPhone network unlock fraud websites

iCloud unlock and iPhone Network unlock fraud websites officialiphoneunlock.co.uk iphoneimei.net, cleancheck.me
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You may be looking for Unlocking an  iPhone 7+,7,6S,6S+,6,6+,SE,5S,5C,5,4S,4. To unlock it officially by  Apple IMEI Whitelisting.  or Maybe you bought a second-hand iPhone at a cheap price, but you need  iCloud unlock. Official unlock, actually helps to upgrade your OS, connect and sync with iTunes, without fear of re-locking, but be precautious. All these online unlocking websites are fake


But, utilising this trend, particularly in developing markets like India, Brazil, China, lot US iPhone land with Mobile Network locked. Stolen or Lost iPhones.many online unlock websites, and service centres luring the customers and cheating by taking money but never unlock. Many users have complained of Fraud and Cheating activities are reported from online websites for Official iPhone Unlock, iPhone Unlock, Unlock iPhone, iPhone Factory Unlock. Even well-known websites like  officialiphoneunlock.co.uk and their another website iphoneimei.net both are luring innocent users and cheating.

I have personally tried to trace whether these companies exist. What, I have found is as follows.

OFFICIALIPHONEUNLOCKED.CO.UK LTD  OFFICIALIPHONEUNLOCK.CO.UK both these companies belong to the same company, companies registered under Company number 08509291 145-157 St John Street, London, England, EC1V 4PW but, as o today these Companies status are Dissolved on 9 December 2014, These companies are dissolved and the directors of these companies are same and as follows.

AFSHIN-KIA, LukeCorrespondence address. 145-157, St John Street, London, England, EC1V 4PW  KOZIOL, Darren Correspondence address 145-157, St John Street, London, England, EC1V 4PW.

Before, I suggest why you should avoid relying on online websites you must understand whether the address of the above company is genuine. You may look at this Article before,  http://interfraud.org/ni_british_connection.htm which clearly establishes a virtual address for fraud companies, who never have a proper office but they may be sitting somewhere else in the world.   The address of the above companies who own domain officialiphoneunlock.co.uk iphoneimei.net looks to be a fraud.

 A white colour and Cyber Crime.

Secondly, on iPhone Unlock and iCloud unlocks are not handled by these companies directly.  In my presumption, they use professionals via crowdsourcing and give them tools to hack into the computers of users and similarly try lottery system with Apple servers using API’s to reach the Apple Server.

Apart from such illegal way iPhone unlock breaking, these websites charge money of around 50 USD/Pounds but they never refund or either solve/unlock iCloud or Network Unlock.

Therefore, be precautious in spending money on mostly stolen, particularly THE ABOVE WEBSITE.  officialiphoneunlock.co.uk AND  iphoneimei.net

they may even suggest you visit  cleancheck.me to check whether your iPhone is stolen or lost reported? I think, even this domain also fake and it belongs to the same fellows.. who after taking your money send you to this website and show that your phone is stolen recorded.!!!! A smart way to cheat.

My suggestion to you is don’t buy an iPhone without an iCloud password shared by the actual owner. Otherwise, Don’t waste your time and money in this kind of 2nd hand devices, unlocking activities.

Instead, buy a new one.

Best Wishes

Example  Communication you may receive: After having paid 50 Pounds, while they know that http://cleancheck.me given them the status of stolen. ..they ask you to pay 20 Pounds first. Then they would say, it is possible to unlock, but you have to pay additional 30 pounds. After you pay 30 pounds. They would normally say, it might take 48 hours. Later, surprisingly you will receive the following email….. which is self-explanatory.

We attempted to remove your iCloud locked device from the previous owner’s account but were unable to do so as the iCloud Account associated with the iDevice (XXXXXXXXXXX) is unfortunately marked by Apple as Lost/Stolen. This does NOT necessarily mean that the iPhone has been reported lost to the carrier – this is something totally different. It means the device/iCloud account has been reported using FindMyiPhone.

As stated on the website before purchase it is not possible to remove the Activation Lock on iDevices which are in Apple’s iCloud lost/stolen database using our Clean service. There will be a premium service coming soon which can unlock this device, we don’t have an exact timescale just yet, so you will be informed as soon as it is available via email.

As a goodwill gesture you have been given a voucher for the full value of your purchase, under the email address which you can use on a different device or against a network unlock for a different unit (please note they cannot be used against another iCloud unlock, see below for reasons), or you can save the voucher to use when the Premium Service is shortly launched. This voucher will not expire

As we have already prepared your unlock and incurred a submission charge by our supplier, we cannot issue a card refund for handsets which are rejected for being on the blacklist (as per our terms and conditions at – iphoneimei.net/refund-policy)

** How to obtain a card refund **
If you have proof the device is not lost/stolen e.g. the original invoice from Apple or your carrier, either electronic or physical, or a Swappa report, or similar – and do not wish to to wait for our Premium Service to unlock this IMEI and have no other IMEI to unlock, please reply to this email with the proof so we can obtain a refund from our supplier and issue a card refund as opposed to the voucher.


There are numerous services such as http://xxxxxx.me (FREE) which can be used to identify Lost/Stolen handsets.

** Important: this voucher is not compatible with another iCloud purchase **
Please note that we incur a cost from our supplier EVERY SINGLE time we submit an iCloud unlock, and they refuse refunds for blacklisted units. Some clients previously took advantage of this and were using their vouchers to submit 10+ iClouds consecutively, costing us hundreds of dollars on a $50 purchase. For this reason, we now only allow ONE failed iCloud purchase per customer. Please use your voucher against a network unlock, not an iCloud unlock. If you have no other device to sim unlock at the current time, please save your vouchers for premium service for this IMEI.

Kind regards,

Operations Manager
Official iPhone Unlock a division of DataCorp Ltd

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