India becoming developed country, corruption curtailed by Modi

India is no more the same country that was known under the Congress-led Government for nearly 60 years. After the arrival of BJP to power from 2014, the trajectory of India is rapidly changing now, it is virtually getting into the path of development, I mean, the real development!

India is a developing country, but to become a developed country, India needs drastically adopted measures to bring change in every aspect. More importantly, eliminating corruption is a very fundamental need of the hour. To bring such atmosphere, it is not only a necessity to avoid future corruption, but it is also a necessity to bring those corrupts who ruined this nation, before the justice system, not only for teaching them a lesson, but such strong measure and application and enforcement of law will set the stage for future corrupt practices.

Many may think, especially the opposite parties may think that the present Modi led Government is doing revenge or vengeance politics. As an actual fact, it may be termed as revenge or vengeance politics, but the ground situation is that the amount of corruption carried by the earlier governments, bureaucrats under the previous governments have leftover strong evidence to show to the world that they transparently did corruption without any fear of the law of the land. Maybe, they thought they held the high position as MLA’s, MP’s, IAS officers, Chief Minister and etc, so they will never get caught. Of course, such was the opinion with every common man, who thought that though Politicians are corrupt, they are very rich and they will never get caught by the law and punishments will be enforced.

But, today the common man’s eyes are wide open now, they could see that the most corrupt businessman and politicians are now trying to run away from India. Still, the enforcement system under the Modi Government has become so strong that no corrupt politicians will never be able to claim asylum or excuse or recommendation before Modi. Because no Individual politician has the control of the system, the Indian Administrative and Enforcements have been given enormous suo motto powers to exercise their jurisdiction.

Mr. P. Chidambaram, Ex-Finance minister, Harvard graduate, top leader of the congress party, would have never thought that the Government, Law, or the Administration will be able to take action against and they believed that they are above the law and the system.

But, the ground situation is not the same, the corruption crusader like Dr Subramanian Swamy ally of BJP Government, Rajya Sabha MP an iron man against corruption in India has proved that the law and enforcement in functioning very well, and the laws of the land are effective, and there can be no doubt that India can become a Developed country within 10 to 20 years. The corrupts will be getting into jail one by one.