iphone 32GB & iPhone 2.0

 It is true that, iPhone launch & the pricing strategy have hardly given any 4 digit numbers in terms no. of sales across India, except the initial launch  ads., Telecom Operators have hardly given any push to the iPhone sales.

In fact one AIRTEL outlet I visited, the customer executive  suggested me not to go for  it now.  In Vodafone store they could not even demonstrate me the network & email client as the GPRS was not active on the demo phone, my plan of buying the iPhone was to enjoy the richness with fast internet & e.mail application tools. Hope it has?

Size,  8 & 16 GB memory models are  very contradictory to the pricing, becasue of only marginal difference, now  imagine 32GB!.

Provided that rumors of Apple’s lifting the in-store iPhone activation process materialize, a new iPhone 3G model (32GB)
is to arrive on the scene, speculation has it. Also backing up this
story are reports saying that Apple’s 8GB iPhone 3G is almost nowhere
to be found anymore.

It generally occurs that, when Apple depletes stock for a certain
device model, revamped / higher-specced models are in order. It was the
case with Apple’s original iPhone that slowly, but steadily vanished
from store shelves, making room for the new 3G model. iPod touch
refreshes have also been marked by stock dry-ups, back when Apple
decided to throw in the 16GB SKU. Most recently, sources indicate that
Apple is approaching a new end of cycle.

“Given reports that Apple’s 8GB iPhone 3G stock is drying up, we’re
hearing that there’s a distinct possibility of Apple introducing a new
32GB iPhone 3G model alongside the re-introduction of in-home
activation for the holiday shopping season,” IntoMobile is reporting.

It has been rumored recently that Apple’s in-store only iPhone 3G
activation policy will be pulled. Reports of people queuing up at Apple
Retail Stores and AT&T have (seemingly) prompted the company to
consider this a viable alternative. While Apple claimed the activation
of an iPhone 3G would be a painless and fast process, many eventually
ended up spending well over the 15 minutes advertised by the company.
Hence, a user-friendly activation process is likely to be set up, some

The way iPhone 8GB & 16GB have failed 32GB & iPhone 2.0 will be waiting to attract the market to realise more sales from iPhone business for apple.

Hope Steve wont make mistake on the new models. (Sell directly into the market, dont believe Telecom Operators because they want to make money, but won't observe the hardware cost not even to a percent)