iPhone duplicate glass replacements, multiple times

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iphone 4 broken LCDI have been using the US non-contract, carrier locked at&t iphone purchased at 780 USD was working fine till 2104. As blogged earlier I did a official unlock of my iPhone at OfficiialiPhoneunlock.co.uk. Since then, had no problems in updating OS. iTunes Sync. In span of 3 years, this iPhone fell on the floor at least dozen times from 5 ft height and on rough the cement floor, rolled multiple times, luckily it never broke. Except, there was a crack on the back glass panel. In February 2014, it fell down from my bed from about 1 ft height,  LCD facing the tile floor Simpolo make tiles. Damaaarrrrr…front glass broken. My heart broken. :(.

I have been using this iPhone nude, gives more pleasure and comfort than using back covers and bumpers.But, now only i understood,  not using protective iPhone cases can break your heart. I was still using the broken iPhone for 4 weeks tape applied. I approached few apple service centers in Chennai, but they refused to service the broken glass as this phone was purchased in US. I had no option to replace with duplicate  glass, since there are no original quality iPhone LCD assembly available in India, in Chennai, I decided to visit rich street in Chennai.

My day was bad, I saw service centre called Bismi Mobile service in the Richy street, though the guys sounded like expert, they said replacement including LCD assembly, back cover, home button would cost INR2400. But, I was made a scape goat, my iPhone got into the wrong hands. These idiots took 5 hours to repair my iPhone, it seemed they had some problem with LCD assemblies. Atlast, the LCD assembly supplier came and gave the new one, somehow they fixed the LCD. But, the phone was not reassembled properly. idiot service engineers did not even put the mother board screws, battery connector screw, the plastic cover above audio connectors was not put. When I came to house, there was no audio and found the iPhone was not screwed. I got so frustrated and dissatisfied with the service engineer idiot..rafiq.

I thought it is no more good to take the phone to Rich street, I ordered for a new screw set also a new back panel, new one broke the next days itself. After a week of use, I was holding the iPhone 4 in tight jeans pant. When I was trying to board into my car, I heard a patak sound…ha ha..I realized iPhone LCD new assembly again broken. I ordered another LCD assembly and replaced myself through ebay from Jalandhar.

The quality of duplicate iPhone LCD assemblies are so inferior quality that the 2nd LCD assembly also broke down within 1 week. When I enquired again about the original LCD assembly, no luck, however a shop name called Radio Vision name was referred in the Richi Street again.. Oh no… Ever take a phone to service at Richie street unless you know some friends, else you would be made a fool by like Bismi Phone service fellows, unethical and crooks.

When I visited Richie street the 2nd time, I visited those Bismi mobile Service fellows and used harsh words to tell about their unethical behavior and cursed them for such unqualified and unprofessional service standards.

3rd LCD assembly, I bought from Radio Vision, also I reported them the quality, they said, sir these LCD are duplicate qualities, it would break. I did ask about good service centers. Genuine comment they gave is no service engineer in Richie street is good to service the smart phones. I requested them to replace with their engineer, the quality was looking good, but the new problem evolved was that the Phone call proximity UV filter went missing, now display not getting when phone cal is on, leading to unexpected mute and loudspeaker buttons.

Ha ha, the 3rd LCD did not life even for 1 month, during summer vacation tour, when I wanted to get down from the car, I picked up the phone from pant pocket to avoid pressure on the glass, unfortunately, when I was getting down, my pant was struck on the door and all of sudden my Phone fell down from hand due to the jerk. Voila….3rd LCD made a huge sound.. of course huge comments from wife  and brother and mother.. irresponsible fellow. how many times you will break the iPhone. Immediately, I went to a nearby shop and applied a transparent Gum tape vertically. With same condition the iPhone is being used for 3 weeks now.

Though my iPhone 4 has problems like Power button not working, glass broken, proximity sensor not working, my iPhone still gives me better communication and satisfaction on the usage. Looking to buy a original LCD assembly and Power button strip, Proximity UV filter and service it self.

During these period, I had to buy one Nokia Asha 230 smart phone just costed around INR 3300 less then 60 USD. But real smart phone with dual SIM rich experience.  I am still holding this phone for a backup.

If you are really concerned about iPhone use protective cases include number covers, if at all broken try visiting genuine service centers avoid richie street, Prefer Original or replace the iPhone if  it has been used for at least 3 years. These smartphones life span seems to be 3 to 4 years.

Take care..unlike me.