Leh – Ladakh, kashmir adventure trip

It was the year 1998, when I was Northen India Service Manager for a company Electronics Controls, Bangalore. New delhi was the regional office and my team was of 18 engineers located in 7 branches were covering 8 northern states.
As we had clients corner to corner town all Northern, we had a unforgatble client NIC. National Informatic Centre Leh. The temparature goes below minus 10 in winters.
The client had our UPS installed and was requesting for a service engineer for 3 years. So with no option left and most of the year road services are closed to ladakh, we had to book a air ticket my team engineer Mr.Annamalai(Very hard worker). Now promoted to Regional Manager sales, Bangalore. Once he reached, airport he was reschdeuled to next morning as the flight was cancelled.
The next day he was boarded the flight his good luck and my good luck the flight flew till ladakh and could not land because of bad weather. Flight returned to delhi and the ticket was extended for another trip without any additional cost.. As i had the luck to view Himalayas from above the sky, I took that chance to fly.
Normally south indian's have a tendency not to bother of winter clothing, naturally i just did not plan my clothing and flem just with T-shirt, when about to land captain anounced the outside temparature was around 16 still i was not darred to worry about clothing. The flight came to halt, every one inside the flight was already knew about the climate and were dressed to fight the cold. Just after getting out of the flight i just started feeling the cold inch by inch over the body within 10 minutes my knees were feeling the pinch. On reaching the exit gate i got to realise that the cold creating all joints and heavy head ache there is another major problem to it. The oxygen level is very low there he you keep one step you breath like you are in race. I got frustrated and called the client from airport.. It was about eleven a.m hence client answered my phone and asked of to take a cab and he guided that the heater room