Maruti True Value pre-check inspection and reliability

After moving my home to Chennai in 2010, I had to sell my MUV vehicle Toyota Qualis. It was a reliable and the best vehicle for sub-urban town. It almost ran 1,40,000 KM since 2004. But, considering city roads, wear & tear. I had sold the car. Deciding on my next personal car was a challenging task, it was a mind disturbing experience. Whether to go for a small car or sedan? Petrol or Diesel? New or old etc?
Following Robert allen’s book “Creating Wealth”. I am very clear in one policy, that invest only on assets, which gives you more return in the long run. Not to dump much of money on the movable assets, which gives less/no return.  
I decided for an used car. Many suggested me Maruti as the best in terms of service and  resale value. Though, friends suggested me to go for Diesel for monthly fuel cost savings. For two reasons I did not prefer  diesel version.
1) Running humming noise. 
2) Number of kilometers per month.
Finally, approached Maruti True Value and landed up at Khivraj Royapettah. It was in december 2010. I took delivery of Swift VXI, ABS, radial tyre’s, with audio system 2006 end model for a reasonable price(3.25 L with Insurance & Warranty) 
Well, The reason for writing this article is to review about the Maruti True Value services they provide on the used cars.  They claim, there are many advantages to buy an used car through Maruti True Value.
1) Pre-Checks, about 120+ testings before buying the vehicle during exchange.
2) Warranty for one year.(3 free services)
I predicted that what they claim is true. But it is not true so. Even if there are some issues,  it is only the dealer engineers who do these tests… they might even favor the new buyer in lieu of exchange, hence there is possibility that  the vehicle history & problems are ignored.
My car has been a year now, even after availing 3 free services, the first complaint about gear loading issue is not yet solved. What I observed is that since the service facility and equipment’s at True Value showroom is  not as good as their main/head office. So on free service, you don’t get any replacements or spares repair, except a general service and neat water wash.
If you are decided to go for an used car with authorized brand dealer.before you go for a booking..demand to do the 120+ tests & ask for the report. Also think, you can replace major parts based on the report, instead of paying for a warranty.

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