Mobile applications FEATURES and FUTURE.

I was trying to demo  few of my iPhone applications and the features of my iPad and iPhone to one of my guest the past week, who was accompanied by my close friend Mr.Harikrishnan, Director Operations, Blazedream Technologies, Chennai.

He was amazed to see the very interactive and advanced iPhone and iPad gadgets for the first time and guest was little surprised too.  I had to say, that the future is going to be “Mobile Devices” and  “Mobile applications” because of features!!!.

Strongly, there are many superior features in Gadgets than the Laptop and desktop computers for the simple reasons. The Data access on the move, Wireless Internet,  Interactive,  GPS, Location Notification, Video calls, Accelerometers and Wireless Print and so on…… Typically I like to give an example of my own app. Even with computers, it is very difficult to make an ID card or make set of ID Cards, because one need a layout, database fields, label fields, positioning etc. But with my ICE,  In Case of Emergency mobile application, it is a childs play to create ID Cards on mobile for whole of family and friends. App link is here.

This is one of the greatest example, why I should say, iPhone device is more superior than the Desktop and PC’s ! !!. Well, coming to the topic mobile applications and linking it web applications, it makes a close sense of relationship…read further to know why? 

The Web Designing & Developing company Blazedream Technologies, based in Chennai is one of the best web developing company located in chennai, well as they  have 12 years of experience in executing very complex web services and web applications!  and animated interactive flash web applications comprising .Net and PHP platforms, the focus is shifting to mobile applications division to cope up the future demand of mobile application versions of all of their deliveries.

Well, during the demo, I had to disclose the secret  that  there will be a possibility of an additional 30 ~ 40%   of business leads  from existing and new customers for customisation, developing and delivery of mobile compatible application products & deliveries.

Immediate devices such  as for iOS,  Android, Windows Mobile 7  and Blackberry based Handhelds are waiting for mobile version of every web service and web information application information available for download and access!

The type/Method of mobile applications should be classified in 4 ways.

1) Off Line applications
2) Online Applications depending on OS SDK and API’s
3) Online Applications depending on Web browsers installed on devices basically called mobile version of any website or a web services.
4) Webkit based Mobile applications

Each of  above type have their own advantages and disadvantages, depends on the nature and complexity of the application, also matching the budget constraints and time for deliveries, availability of resources, etc.! But making app using OS recommended SDK’s could make the app 100% efficient in terms of usability & loading speed. Further updates and new releases of original web model, makes   mandatory for IT department to outsource the mobile application versions to be updated instantly features are synced upto date with web model!

It is for the developers to Convey and Convince the customers about the type of application and features and future of mobile application! Also it is  a  challenge for customers to understand the nature of gadget,  understand the devices and mobile operating system to define the immediate development and releases.

Author : He is  an Architect and Consultant for Mobile Applications & RFID

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  1. One of the best post I’ve read on the topic of future apps and the role of app developers. I share your idea that future is mobie development. How many people use apps for pc now? ot many. Life on-the-go dictates its rules. However, I think that
    writing ipad application is the very future as smartphones will be used less.

  2. I don’t know if this is the right place to do this, but a notice popped up on my iPAd and iPhone saying this ICE app needs to be updated or it will not be compatible with future iOS updates and to notify the app developer about it. I hope you get this and can work on an update to make it compatible. I find the app to be very useful and would like it to actually work when an emergency comes up. Thank you!