Mobile is Laptop or Handtop ?

Laptop or Handtop?

Change is a word of life, that applies to the personal gadgets too. It is a big doubt, whether gadgets use human or human use gadgets. It is an attachment to the soul now. Do you agree?
Well, every human being hold a device today, he may be a civil construction worker, porter or a guy who does not even know Alphabets & mobile Operating System. Mobiles have penetrated even below poverty homes

(Telecom companies not to consider their ARPU, it may be negligible, but they should accept that their no of users count).

But opportunity is for gadget manufacturers, who are fighting the battle to sell as many as possible.
When such is the situation, I got an interesting question,  will these feature mobile’s are to be called as Laptop or Handtop?

As mobile manufacturers are forced to sell devices cheaper, already observing their profit margin’s,  what is that these mobile manufacturers are trying to address  to  their future business & growth? Is that sales volume or profit margin?

Launch of iPhone, gPhone, NokiaN96, or Samsung Instinct, what is that these devices are addressing their uniqueness than the other.
Price of these devices seems to be higher compared to the functionalities & productivity to the users compared to the laptop cost, iPhone cost 599 USD
Does that give value proportionate for the money spent? When a phone which is just about 50 USD does give 70% features these High range phone’s in sale now.

Mobile manufacturers must address these issue now & focus rebuilding those gadgets as feature devices Handtop’s. (The name I have guessed for feature mobiles).

I am sure feature mobile gadgets will not be called as mobile, rather those  would be shipped with preloaded  productivity  applications , also provide full value proposition  to the price mobile’s are paid for.

Naturally one need to answer? will that be a Laptop/Mobile or HANDTOP