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I am observing my daughter Vishvashri 5 years old and few other children of my close friends for half a decade now,  I am able to observe that today children’s are nurtured with special qualities and modern attitude as a default! Specially, the modern and middle income group parents are thriving with fire to satisfy and fulfill every small request and need of the children, indeed working very hard  to do things for children, bothering too much to get them comfort and buy things as far and as much as possible. The parents  are leaving no chance out of it, whether putting them  in costliest school, desired car, desired dresses, by-cycles & bikes.

Virtually, The parents are projecting to the kids that  as there is no short for money, may be most  parents are very shy even to let them know that the money earned is very hard, it has to be preserved. Even if such exclusive words are not used, parent activities are making the children to pursue it like that. I think this attitude of parents is very relevant in 80% children of middle income group.

Sadly, Parents are trying to do everything the kids wanted, but in turn trying to educate & inform that parents as a child, they never had good money, good conveneyance, came from middle and poor class families, their did not own  TV, cycle & music system etc…surprisingly parents too expect that the modern kids should remember those hard days of parent by repeatedly reminding them…Very funy isn’t it?  They say…imagine it, mind it..and never forget it etc…….My question is how is that possible for a parent to expect such things from kids…after providing complete facilities and comfort?

Kids  are never given an opportunity to face very small and day to day challenges of real  life, also not  much  importance given to education about ways for spending money!  how & from where the money comes from…! !  Coming to the reason of this post…..What I am trying to accomplish here is to ask the parents to confirm who is at fault?  We as a parent or naturally born & modern talented kids?

Finally, The modern kids are learning everything naturally as a default. The skills are just reflecting the environment they are born and living with! Additionally, intentionally  Parents are trying to give all the comfort to the children, for example the modern children not even given a chance to live in dark night when there is power failure/blackout.. Here I am not questioning about providing such facilities, but what I mean here is that the  kids are not given a chance to experience the long walks, unexpected blackouts and so on….Isn’t it true my friends?

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