My answers on religion.

– What’s your religion precisely and what do you believe in?


– Why in hinduism people seem to worship just a specific god or deva? Isn’t hinduism focused on Brahma? On gaining enough good karma to reborn among the priests (brahamin) and then have the chance to reach finally the freedom from reincarnation and suffering?

Hinduism is of freedom, wisdom & faith on own ideologies based on the god’s moral.
In Hinduism we have thousand’s God’s, an example of characters which are concluded on the three great literature’s namely. Bhagvat Gita, Ramayana & Mahabharath

It is a freedom & option for every and any Hindu to choose the characters of life as mentor to carry their life forward. For example most men in Hindus pray Hanuman the loyal of God Sri Ram who shown the strength, dedication in his duties as is dharma for Lord Rama.
Like Rama is an idol & great example, how a man should live & what must be his discipline in truth, love & relationship.

– How are hindu temples (Mandir right?) built? What’s inside them? Paintings? Other works of art? What are them about?
Painitngs are recent invention, in Hindu Temple you will find sculptures & architecture which are unimaginable to make today, even after thousand’s of temples destroyed during foreign rulers, India still owns world heritage temple’s which shall take the place among the most beautiful creature of the world.(One among them is Madurai Meenakshi temple)

Temple sculptures carry a message of bakthi with god’s &  one life duties. 
– Do you believe in angels or something like that? How do you see them in your religion?
Here no one believe in angel’s, but yes they worry about evils & souls of dead people who  died without living the satisfied life.
– How is society changin’ in India?
The problem of India is Tolerance towards everything & we never feel the person as an enemy ever. Though western cultures are trying to dominate the life style, Indian’s never forget their traditions in paying back & respecting their generations forefathers every year.
They do this as Karma to maintain Dharma.

– Do you know if in India there’s some kind of deva with butterfly wings or similiar?
There are no example’s, as said earlier, In Hindu mythology Everything is God, God is in Stones, Idol’s tree’s, sun, moon, earth, Lion, rat, cow, Snake, elephant. there is no end to it, the Great Hanuman is of Monkey gene.
You have Garuda(Eagle) who is a vehicle & protector for Brahma. Like there is no restriction in Hinduism, Hindu worhsip the animals & pay back them every year & pray them as god.
Like you got festival called “Mattu Pongal”, which means they decorate & flower the Cow’s every year to pay their respect for the work she does as god to them.

 – Why some gods have multiple arms?
I do believe Characterization is part of explaining good moral’s either through movies or stories, ultimately I do personally believe in the Nature creatures, that new born’s have extra ordinary physical arms & leg’s which is still happening around the world(like we born with speaking skills & 6th sense) whereas the monkey resembles our own physical structure not cannot have 6th sense.

Looking from their point, we are super powered. Example in Ramayana, Ram uses an Archery which can do wonders on the battle field, today to have rockets and weapons.

At last but not at least can you tell me the name of some indian clothes (includin also hats, jewels and shoes) weared by devas?
I provide you some pictures. Clothing is really important!
In Indian dressing style, we follow the dressing’s followed by the god’s & also how the god’s are decorated & worshiped.
During marriage vocations, if you happen to see a bride, she will look like a Goddess Lakshmi who is the god of Wealth, she would so beautifully decorated with gold & ornaments.

Dressing style & decorations of each god is different, as I said according to the nature & character of a God, the dressing style changes,  Decoration of Jewel’s with gold, diamonds & stone’s in Clothing Silk sarees(Women god) & silk dhoties(Men Gods) wear. There are ton’s of gold arnments which are still in treasuries, which are so beautifully architected for decorating god’s.

Also many temple’s(God Iyyepan & Hanuman) devotess are not permitted to wear fashionable clothes, only dhoties allowed for men.

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