My thoughts are rewritten here as quotes. They are reflected here in the interest of spreading a message. You might like few. 🙂 Thanks for making your time here.

Countries at WAR

Biggest enemy is the closest neighbors! (US vs North Korea, India vs Pakistan)
, , April 2017

Tamil Youths are being slaved by Tamil Cinema, 19.09.2019 #Bigil release
Tamil cinema hero’s followers are converted into loyal voters. It’s the fate for past 40 years, how Tamil Youths have lost their mind of practicality!  (Now #Rajini #Vijayakanth #Kamal #Ajith #Vijay #Seeman converting their followers and fans into voters…. #HateActorPoliticians

International Peace day 2019

Peace can never be bought from the Peas store! Peace can be experienced, only if you don’t disturb others and don’t have expectations from others. – Devaski

Indian Economy in 2019 BJP 2nd term #Nirmala Sitaraman

Judiciary can give reasons in Judgments! Government cannot give reasons for Maladministration! Individuals cannot give reasons for spending, tax, and fines. – Devaski #ReviveEconomy

On Leadership
Leader and leadership doesn’t mean it’s the Position one has! Rather, it’s the responsibility, attitude, assistance, and remaining in solidarity with the members and goals at all circumstances – Devaski

There are 200+ countries. including those are very developed than India, have very high per capita income. However, writing romantic lyrics about moon or exploring  Astro science. We Indians have been great and we will be! – Devaski #Chandrayan2 #isro

Self-Development 28/7/2019

Self-intuition, Self-determination, Self-zeal, Self-motivation,  Self-perseverance, Self-discipline &  Self-sustainability. 7 basic quality checklist, a person must have to move on in life – Devaski

Friendship day 2018

Friendship means not seeing any discrimination – Devaski,

Regions expecting decentralization.
Maybe two more new States. South Tamil Nadu & North Karnataka – Devaski

Dead are not given death, high of Politics in Tamil Nadu
That’s the society’s trend, even the Dead are not given Death – Devaski

Into the wild movie
Happiness is best when shared – Christopher

What you think about yourself is most valuable than what others think about you…or how the world weighs you.- Devaski

Family balancing
Human makes his/her life complicated by blaming others, be happy with what you got! – Devaski

Recent rape incidents, Apartment Maintenance Gang rape 11 years old
Men are like a wild Animal when it comes to atrocities against women! An animal has matured at least – Devaski

White Politics, they are not God
Society doesn’t require leaders with White Dhoti, White Shirt, White Sandals..but needs a leader who is a good Administrator – Devaski

It’s A Wonderful Life Movie
Remember no man is a failure who has friends. It’s A Wonderful Life

L- means Lawyer, Lust & Liability
To protect your wealth, Insulate your assets from Lust, Liability, and Lawyer.

Inefficiency of Civilisation
The world is a paradise, but Indian Metro Cities are crowded, dense, and a dirty hell – Wake up Corporations
Greed to Land, Gold, & Skin is like a health hazardous – Devaski

Build up requires 
We need to make up a scenario to create a Scene. Life is like Acting. Set your Scenario first. – Devaski

Brainwashed Agitations, Emotional non-sense
Revolution is a good thing, but it should be for Prosperity otherwise its just an emotion and a brainwash – Devaski

End of the day; whether have you done your duty and whether your performance satisfies the purpose and self! – Devaski

Ash only remains, even that to be diluted. Nothing you can take from this world.
A human being cannot take anything, but leave a status of a place with comfort, convenient, and safe – Devaski

Developing countries, still developing.
Countries those recently got Freedom from the British best. whereas Our Indian politicians and voters screwed country; resources – Devaski

விதை விதைத்தவன் அறுவடை செய்வான், Plant good seeds – Devaski

The world is a place, were (every)one tries to influence the other for own benefit, using skill, knowledge, money and muscle. – Devaski

Automation, Robots in manufacturing
Automatization, Robotic Process, Laziness and Comfort improvements would soon destroy Labours/workers as the Endangered Species – Devaski

Person vs Problem Formula.

. P1= Person himself Problem, P2 = Problem Complainer P3= Problem Creator, P4= Problem Solver. Which one are yo – Devaski

Cauvery & Coovam

சென்னை கூவத்துக்கும் ஒரு மேலாண்மை ஆணையம் அமைக்க வேண்டும்.

Emotional Politics

If you are thinking about developing your society, Country, your emotions are useless, only your conscience and liberalism can help – Devaski

Boy’s Parents

Today’s parents need to teach their boy children, how to respect a Feminine, how to respect to a No. – Devaski

Leaders & Society

Society is the reflection of People and leaders who lead such People – Devaski Feb 2018

Politicians & Voters

Selfish Politicians and Selfish Voters are the same category. – Devaski

Pessimism & Optimism

Success is the result of balance from the Optimism and Pessimism – Devaski

Simple Life

Life is simple for people who have a simple attitude. Life is an adventure for people who go beyond the comfort zone to fill their soul.

Sex Crimes

Human Society becoming so arrogant, like nature, like the animal, indulge cruelty acts against Women and Children – Death Penalty – 22.04.2018

Judging Quality

When you are in a situation to judge about something. You cannot be in the emotional mood. Even, you may a Judge, Lawyer, or Wife – Devaski, April 2017

Elected MLA’s

How the people are, how their leaders are! – TN Power Crisis.

Social Apps.
Like an Animal behavior, use of social apps such as Facebook and Whatsapp by emotionally attached people is dangerous to themselves and to the nation!

Destiny is yours
Who keep crying, will remain crying. But, the one who wants to live the life, they admire and conquer it.

Law/Lawyer :

Laws, Acts, Rules, and Procedures are made for a system of living. And, Advocates are made for interpreting such system in favor of clients. 23, July 2016

On thoughts, seeds, and deeds.

What you are today is from Yesterday’s you. Today’s you is what you are going to be tomorrow. 17, July 2016

Attitude after Graduation

Let our attitude to go for Gold.
Let our attitude to build a better world.
Let us our attire to make this world a better place. 25, June 2016

Rich or Poor, Material

Rich or poor, Engineer or VAO, economy or business class, Android or iOS, your happiness reflects in your face, not in any material -29, May 2016

Accustoming Life

One philosophy I often express that human nature gets accustomed with anything he/she live with. Whether it’s a bachelor life, married life, divorced life, imprisonment, village life, city life, abroad life, desert life, any job, any food, or for that matter any habit. One such accustom we Indians got used to is the sacrifice towards the quality, lack of infrastructure, inferior projects, and schemes. And mainly our negligence towards the nature and environment. 20 May 2016 – GENTLA Elections 2016

India Politics

In Indian politics, elections and alliances are matter of a real mathematics. Addition & subtraction are used as a crucial tool. Knowingly or unknowingly all TN political parties preferred maths to retain the ruling party to continue. 19 May 2016.

Political Manifesto

Political manifesto should rely on the fundamental expectations of a common man, and programmes that improves the quality of life of everyone. It should not be centred, aligned just for votes, and debt the State. .

கட்சிகளின் வாக்குறுதிகள் எனபது, மக்களின் அடிப்படை எதிர்பார்ப்புகளை நிரைவேற்றூவதாக இருக்கவேண்டும். திட்டங்கள் அனைத்து சமூக மக்களின் அன்றாட வாழ்க்கைத் தரத்தை உயர்துவதாக இருக்கவேண்டும், வெறும் வாக்குகளை குறி வைத்து, நாட்டை கடனாளி ஆக்குவது அல்ல- 12, April 2016

Common Man Priority

Priority of Indian common man has changed. We all know that we are mad at indian team than a cricket. We like corruption than the duty. We like deaths than the safety. We like scams than a good politician. 1 April 2016

Bad Habits

All bad habits start slowly and gradually and before you know you have the habit, the habit has you. 29 March 2016

Getting a Baby
One need 9 months to get a baby, not 9 wives to get a baby in 1 month.

Western & Eastern cultural Difference, Nuclear Family
The cultural difference:In west culture or the nuclear family culture, if a child get a slap from a parent, they only have a option to go to police. Whereas In the Indian culture or the joint family culture, the affected always had a reach to grand parents, and there is an instant console. 13, Feb 2016

Success is all about foreseeing what can be achieved tomorrow than forecasting for day after tomorrow or for the fortnight. 11 Feb 2016

Generation Gap, Political Climate.
Generation gap is not a myth! Earlier generation lived in poor, and simple life. Hence they followed leaders who were poor and simple. But, the new generation likes luxury, corruption, comfort, technology, cinema, cash, and liquor . So, its just a nature that they like leaders who have these skills, corruption, fame, and luxury. 14, January 2016

We wish each other to have a joy and prosperous things in life. And the truth is, your happiness lies in you and others happiness too depends on you. Have tolerance, and stay happy. 1, January 2016

Natural Calamity

Rich or poor, developed or developing, power of natural calamity is the same everywhere. 29 Dece 2015

Decision Making

It doesn’t matter, where you are, what you do, how rich you are, how famous you may be, and how clever your strategy is. If you cannot take right decisions quickly and effectively, and execute those decisions consistently, you will lose your ground. 27 Dec 2015


Politicians have a thing to do. To stop debating and arguing about the past, blaming others as the only thing you know to do, stop showing your knowledge on the history. Instead, talk about the future, and place your proposal for the next 25 years, and show your blue print of what you could, and how you would do it in the next 5 years.

அரசியல்வாதிகள் மற்றவர்களை குறை சொல்வதையும், விவாதிப்பதையும் தவிர்த்து, பழைய வரலாறுகளை மனப்பாடம் செய்வதை தவிர்த்து; அடுத்த 25 ஆண்டுகளுக்கு நாட்டிற்கான உங்கள் திட்டங்கள் என்ன, அடுத்த 5 ஆண்டுகளுக்கு என்ன திட்டங்களை எப்படி செயல்படுத்தப்போகிறீர்கள், அதற்கான நீல அறிக்கை என்ன என்பதை சிந்தியுங்கள், தெளிவு படுத்துங்கள்! 26 Nov 2015


The word Intolerance is wrongly used by the political parties, international, and the Indian media against India’s sovereignty, and particularly on the ruling party BJP. Yes, There are policy strategies used by the government to implement certain policies which also uphold the faith of the Hindu religion. One of the most important, and such one is the ban on Cow Slaughtering. In my personal opinion, though we have the right to decide the food on our plate. Every religion has a particular do’s and don’ts about food and prohibition. This case has to be seen as a respect to one religion, than considering it as against any other particular religion. Our country is one of the largest democracy in the world, only one country in the world, which has so many religions, languages, and culture, but still has a appreciatable tolerance to each other. 25, Nov 2015

Election Commission

If i am a chief election commissioner, and can make amendments to the constitution and political party system. Then, I would order for two party based elections. Will show the exit doors to the caste, and religion based political parties and their alliance dramas. – Devaski

எனக்கு தேசிய தலைமை தேர்தல் அதிகாரியாக பனியாற்ற வாய்ப்பு கிடைத்து, கட்சிகள் சம்பந்தமான அரசியலமைப்பு சட்டத்தை மாற்ற முடிந்தால், வெறும் இரண்டு கட்சிகள் மட்டுமே தேர்தலில் போட்டயிட சட்டமாக்குவேன். ஜாதி, மதம் சேர்ந்த கட்சிகளுக்கு மூடு விழாவிற்கு வழி வகுப்பேன். 21, Nov 2015

Secret of Long Life

“Keep a quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon, and sleep like a dog.” – Secret for long life. (Li Ching Yuen)

Environment :

If my country dreams to become a clean. The responsibility begins only from it’s citizens. Not the president, the prime minister, the chief ministers, the mayor, or the collector. It begins at my home, my street, and my society. – Devaski , 02 Oct, 2015

Language :

If it is true that the human has evolved from the Monkey, then only one language should exist in the world! Languages were created to maintain trade secrets from other communities and to maintain a barrier, and discriminate from each other. Because, like the exchange of trade, language was used as a secrecy, and for survival. Similar like the world learning the English today. – Devaski , 29 Sep, 2015

Equality & Discrimnation

Universality and equality might be a rare reality; as long as an individual does not throw away his/her personal desire and comfort. At the cost and effort of others – Devaski

“Quotations are about thoughts & experiences” – Devaski

Youth, Characters and Hobbies :
“My dear youngsters! youths of this nation, youths representing the villages and cities; Please note that every bad habit and personal activity that you do in public is witnessed by the children’s and kids of our community, like consuming liquor in public, smoking cigarettes, public nuisance and gambling card games. Don’t be an example of a bad role model and a bad society.” – Devaski

Human Rights, Smile :

“Just leave a spontaneous smile, a way to uphold the humanity.” – Devaski

Economy, Money, No Profit No Loss :

“In a country, every penny earned and spent by their people and the government is not a loss or waste. It is a fuel to the economy. But, it counts, when selfishly used by an individual.” – Devaski

Intellectual Property, Rights of Inventors :

“Every technology the human society enjoying today is an intellectual effort and hard work of 19th & 20th century inventors” – Devaski

Stay hungry :

“You cannot be sure of having something unless you cry out it to yourself, like an hungry infant.” – Devaski

Disaster Management. United Global Disaster Management :

“Every natural calamity that is reported across the world is more superior in power and by the amount of devastation. The world society needs a United Global Disaster Management and Recovery System, who can think reverse about the softness of the nature, do things out of the way to assist the human society during aftermaths, irrespective of border, religion, race and color.” – Devaski

Social Networking :

“Idea that connects people across the continents, irrespective of age, color, race and religion. Reconnecting 7 decades old friendships and delivering a whisper by means of a like of every nice moment of the life of an every ordinary man.” – Devaski

Election and Political System, Caste Politics :

“In any State, absence of 2 party political system will divide the people into fractions and the elections will be of no use. As there won’t be any majority for any idea or the kind” – Devaski

Human Rights, Everyone has a right

“More than self every other human being has a better privilege and a right to enjoy the nature, education, food, safety, shelter, worship and respect.” – Devaski

Mother :

“As a mother you are unselfish, as a beautiful girl you are an energy, as a wife you are very caring and as a daughter you are god’s gift. Life has no meaning without women.” – Devaski

Poverty, Country Development

“Call a country as a Below Poverty Line Country (BPLC) even if there exists a single citizen with below poverty line status.” – Devaski.”

Human Behaviours, Ssecrets

“Every person is safety locker, he always hides a secrets of his secret. 4 walls are exception to it.”- Devaski.”

Society and Law

“crime and crime rates are not increasing because of the society, but because of such a society is created!”- Devaski.”

Women, Gender

“Women is a special character, mother of hospitality, gentleness and softness. Never get to match yourself with the men character and never be at a wrong place at wrong time.”- Devaski.”

Human Civilisation

“On this huge and immense earth, we are still highly unorganized ants!”

Organs Philosophy

“Evolvement of Organs may be based on the interests, objectives and necessity of each DNA, according to it’s basic needs and the environment from where it evolves.”- Devaski.”Legal profession

“Law graduates select legal studies in the interest of serving people and the society, such case there is no question that each other lawyer should be worried about their earning & their pie is divided.”- Devaski.”

Earth, Network

“The Earth is very big and just a circle. You and me for sure will end up meeting again!”- Devaski.”

Alcoholic, Addiction

“drink..but let the alcohol doesn’t drink your life.”- Devaski.”

Environment, Tree Plantation

“plant a tree, beat the heat. – devaski”

Law Obedient nation and Citizens

“There are 2 kind of states. The first, make laws to create a system of living. The later one interpret the laws to make a system of living. But, the core difference is the taste of the people – Devaski”

Social apps, divorce

“Earlier days it used to be mother in laws were the main reason for cause of filing divorce, these days its seems to be whatsapp and facebook – devaski”

Language, Mother Tongue, Language Politics

“Mother language at home, regional language in State, national language in Country, medium language at school, 2nd language at school, professional language at work, language for girl friend, language for travel and like on the need of learning multiple language is ever growing. – Devaski”

Indian Women, Indian Heritage

“No other women in the world is so rich & valuable than an Indian women, because she always weighs a bit more with gold! India is really rich and Women is a superior gender – devaski”

Health, Ebola, War
“Ebola is not that serious than those machine gun’s and missile’s fired yesterday, today and those going to be fired tomorrow! – devaski”

Violence on Women, Domestic Violence

“The gender women and their title “Wife” and their Autocratic partner “Husband” is the greatest example of how a women faces an inequality & slavery, is more evident as many living at the mercy of husband. – devaski”

India, Humble
“China may copy, Germany may be techy, Japan may be hardworking, Russia may be genius, America may lead, but India is humble. – devaski (on India reaching Mars orbit)”

Violence on Women

“Men using his force against women is an evidence of his weakness and immaturity. – Devaski.”

New Day, New Year, Morning and Nights

“The sun never rises or sets, rather we the one, who routinely hide and seek. Today, we are going to hide again and seek another blissful turn. You and me may vary by the time;the clock. But, the wish and hope is the same;the peace, prosperous and happiness. – Devaski”

Success, is a next Step

“Success is all about taking steps, and putting efforts to overcome your limitations – Devaski”

Being a Judge

“Role of the Judge is to Work on the given legal mandate in good faith. Devaski”

Children, Being Happy

“Children are the treasure of this living society, one of the happiest people in the world. You follow them you could feel happy, but if you want them to follow you, you have to be a good example. – Devaski”


“Globalisation and economy is working against the developing countries and the poor people. Because, the money flowing only from developing country to the developed country and from poor people to the rich. Globalisation suppose to be the reverse way. – devaski”

Individual Duty to country

“It counts, what an individual contributes to the development of his society, by his intellectual material contributions than just being rich and paying taxes. – Devaski”

Diwali, Deepavali Greetings
“Deepavali/Diwali, the festival of lights, festival of celebrations, festival for children and their uncountable happiness, will bring in more joy & happiness in the family and community. Surprise the underprivileged and below poverty line children with crackers and sweets, joy from their smile. My warm festival greetings to everyone around the World. – Devaski”

Politics, India as a Republic

“We have passed 65 years as a republic nation. Our standards, practice, obedience to law, corruption and selfish approach are just entitling us only as a developing nation. Safety and health standards are still a day dream. We need to start now to correct and act; to become a developed nation at least in 2115. – Devaski”

Society, Mind, Citizens Thoughts
“Development of a society depends on thought behavior of their citizens! some thinking to over-power the other, other has no unity but ready to behead helpless cockroaches, some other made plans to bribe today, some expecting someone is going to come and change everything, some thinking what is the next movie release, some other planning what alcohol drink do we buy now!. Any case it must be true that Society is an outcome of the thoughts of majority of their people. – Devaski”

Human Rights, A smile

“Fundamental rights or the human rights are not about having it in the constitution. It is about practical implementation; to see a smile from the needed individual. – Devaski”


“It is strange to see a human being has two faces! The second one always takes excuses from the first one!. Yes, it is the good and bad. – Devaski.”

Gay/ Lesbian, Marriage

“Freedom and equality is one side. But a doubt arises about the nature and structure of the human gene. Because, it might be getting weak, and failing to sense what is meant by the opposite sex – Devaski”