My way to law profession, how I did get to!


For a decade now, I have made my mind to be compassionate of becoming a social entrepreneur. Just being an entrepreneur may give lot of money, but is kind of saturation, but to be a social entrepreneur you need compromise more profits. But, give also a focus on social welfare and nonprofit activities. But, I never deny that “if no money, no honey”, “no respect”, and “can’t even have a meal”, even the family, the road  side dog even won’t respect you.

Accordingly, I have been slowly changing my face towards my long term goals. The goal is as simple as that. “ Your personal output from the skill you have and the work you do shall benefit the people at large, at the same time satisfy the family obligations”.

So my academic ventures continuing since after my 3 year diploma in 1993,  in the last decade, I have enrolled myself into Master of Arts in Human Rights at University of Madras. It gave me good exposure to the Human Rights issues and the role of International Organizations. As I completed, I wanted further higher studies in Germany or any other  European country.  So I started learning French language at Alliance Franchise(A1) Madras.  Some how, French was not that attractive, then I had to choose the other most spoken language. It was my wrong oblivious that Germany was a place for studying higher studies in Human Rights.

I did study the German language  to all 6 Levels, that is till C1. Deutsch language culture was interesting. Also I wanted learn German in Germany to feel the native. So, I applied for a German Visa for an 1 month course, knowing that my bank balance statement is not enough. I still submitted, the German visa  was rejected.

However, my thoughts really questioned me that there is something else which is very, necessary to  support and uphold the Human Rights, yes! You are right. It is the Law.

LL.B. & Madras High Court.

So, my academic search went to do a LL.B. Full Time course at Dr. Ambedkar Law College, Tirupati. I had good group of students, Mr.Prabhakar, Mr.Balaji Chelika, Mr.Vinayagamoorthy, Mr.Illlanchitran, Mr. Prem Kumar, Mr. L.B.R Raja and Mr. Peter. The class attendance, exam preparations and groups discussions always upheld the interest of studying legal subjects.

In enrolled in 2009, when I was 35, completed in 2012, I have completed the LL.B and successfully enrolled as an Advocate with High Court of Madras in December 2012.

35 years, that was the maximum age limit the Bar Council of Tamilnadu & Pondicherry is enacted in Tamilnadu & Pondicherry States.. In the later year,  I found, the objection by Tamilnadu Bar council and other interest groups from Tamilnadu. Justice Kirubakaran made few judgments relevant to this. Later the order of J Kirubakaran was questioned by the   Supreme court and earlier orders was set aside. However, the enrollment process become standstill for many Law aspirants coming from other colleges, out of Tamilnadu.

I think, I made an oblivious decision to enroll in the same year and  I have also registered my association with the Madras High Court Advocate Association. In the year 2013, I had admitted to the All India Bar Council Eligibility Examination in order to practice at Courts.

Successfully, passed out and All India Bar Council Entrance Examination, which issued me a certificate to practice. I am eligible to practice, Now, I am trying to practice to practice. To give more focus on Intellectual Property Law & International Law.