New Trademark Rules 2017, untested e-filing system and administrative system

My experience has been a mix of technology and law. So, I take the privilege to comment on the new trademark rules 2017.

The recent change in Trademark Rules 2017 and e-filing system is unclear and lacks the touch of the professional plan in an application migration and adaptability etc.

Normally, when any web application is expected to be replaced with the new version, it is a must practice that, the beta version must be introduced into the use first. Secondly, beta would be able to help in getting all kind feedback from the users and improve the live use.

Whereas, an immediate announcement of new rules and changing an untested, undocumented application demonstrates the inability of the IT department or the absence of IP team in the Registry.

I have tested few application forms.

  1. First of all, there is no comparison chart is given.. which old form or the new form replaces which all the old forms?
  2. There is no proper instruction manual about the new rules, such as the conditions, procedures, mandatory fields, process flow, deciding authority and etc?
  3.  Every form as a guideline and they are just a screenshots of what has been developed.
  4. There seems not Quality in the testing of the application because it is not only slow, there are many crashes happening.

In my personal opinion, it is not that we don’t have resources are professionals to do a neat job. But, the way the Department,  NIC, Trademark Registry handling the up-gradation seems to be an untested application being given for use.

Apart from the unfinished web application system of e-filing system, the registry and NIC needs to work on war footing basis to generate feedback and get entity report from all stack holders and correct the lagging areas and procedures.

While, the Trademark rules 2017, the latest rules are unclear, entities needs a better education and awareness programmes from the Trademark Registry. Hope the Registry and the ministry would take appropriate steps to come out of the mess.