Importances in drafting an agreement or a deed and the purpose

Importance in drafting an agreement or a deed and the purpose

There is quite a difference between “agreement” and “deed. When there is a mutual discussion between parties and they formally want such discussion to made in writing to pursue it further for an action; of what actually discussed, then such formal arrangement is called “agreement”.

On the other hand, Deeds mostly an exchange of commercial value or consideration and it involves an asset or a property, including intangible assets like Trademark, Patent, and such requires a statutory registration or transfer temporary or permanent is termed as a Deed.

In …

Design Patent Application Forms – Type of Forms

Design Patent Application Forms – Type of Forms

1. The first legislation in India for protection of Industrial Designs was The Patents & Designs Protection Act, 1872. It supplemented the 1859 Act passed by Governor-General of India for granting exclusive privileges to inventors and added protection for Industrial Design. The 1872 Act included the term ―any new and original pattern or design, or the application of such pattern or design to any substance or article of manufacture‘.

2. The Inventions & Designs Act of 1888 re-enacted the law relating to the protection of inventions and designs and contained a …

Who is performing better? Kiran Bedi or Kejriwal

 bedi vs kejriwalComedian vs Thinker?
Who is performing better? Kiran Bedi-Kejriwal

We all know Delhi General Assembly election was a battle between the BJP and AAP (Bedi-Kejriwal).  Because in 2013, though both parties won near to equal seats, Kejriwal took away the coalition and formed his government. However, he cited vague reasons to quit as the Chief Minister.

Probably, that was a mistake BJP has done giving disturbances to AAP and causing 2015 election to be lost.  In 2015, AAP came up with the Single majority and formed the Government.

It has been 3 years now, the AAP, Mr.Kejriwal is in Rule …

How to compare your mark with the conflicting marks

How to compare your mark with the objection-conflicting-marks?

This post would try to summarize the technicality of the Trademark’s Examination Objection process and how to counter the conflicting marks and support your application.

As a owner of your trademark, you are absolutely right in believing that your Trademark application for registration is distinctive.

You may have found your mark’s distinctiveness during your Trademark Search stage. Your Distinctive trademark will not give you any conflicting marks. Otherwise, if your conception is similar or deceptive then there is a high probability that your trademark application will face an objection during the examination.…

Why to compare your trademark-search with the conflicting mark(s)

Trademark search

Trademark Search
Why compare your trademark search with the conflicting mark(s).

You may be aware that before you file a Trademark application, it is your duty to do a trademark-search of your trademark. Secondly, after you file your Trademark application, your application might face an objection under Section 11, when the Trademark Examiner finds similar marks on the Trademark Registrar, that results in a bunch of conflicting marks that might have been reported retrieved by the Trademark Examiner. Hence, under both these circumstances, doing a  Trademark Search and making a technical comparison is a mandatory process, which requires a skill …

A Will, what why who and how to write a Will

A Will, what why who and how to write a Will

A Man, who does a good planning will always do his duty in time and at an appropriate time. It is very essential to understand that whether the man owns properties worth several crores or even a single House Plot, but it is the duty that owner to make arrangements for the transfer of properties to the heirs; by the  law and inherited rights to be shared/transferred to the next legal heirs/successors, while the owner is  alive.

I observed that Certain intelligent and precautionary man do the partitioning of …

Arch Installation and tree plantations

Arch Installation and tree plantations

Today, 15.10.2018, retired Head Master Shri M.G.Pichandi, Honorary President of Parents Teacher Association, PTA Group, Mosur has Contributed Rs 75000 to build an entrance Arch in the Mosur Higher Secondary School, he has contributed this in remembrance of his parents.

Shri M.G. Pichandi, 78 years old, Best Teacher Awardee, who always concerns a lot about the Education System, Teachers, and the Students welfare. He has done a lot of social work and contribution to this school infrastructure.

From my knowledge, apart from his contribution, he is continuously volunteering to this school facilities for 2 decades …

Libel defamation in view personal complaints, exceptions under IPC

In India, defamation is both civil and criminal offence. The remedy for a civil defamation is covered under the Law of Torts. In a civil defamation case, a person who is defamed can move either High Court or subordinate courts and seek damages in the form of monetary compensation from the accused. Also, under sections 499 and 500 of the IPC, a person guilty of criminal defamation can be sent to jail for two years.

Defamation statement must be in a spoken or written or published or visible manner and must be false and injured directly or indirectly to …

Ambattur bridge, long time due for residents, accidents daily occurrence

Ambattur bridge, long time due for residents, accidents daily occurrence

It was my first election promise in the TNGLA 2016, to the Voters of Ambattur, that to get the Conveyor Bridge for Pedestrians, to avoid the Railway Gate, Ambattur Railway station.

Highlighting issues.

  • Several thousand passengers cross gates by the walk every day
  • It connects the Market and Ambattur OT on one side
  • It connects to the MTH Road, Ambattur Estate on the other side.
  • 7 railway tracks are persisting in this gate
  • Making it complicated for passengers and pedestrians to guess on which track the train is coming
  • So


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