Patent Act chart, Forms, Sections, Rules chart

slno Patent FormNo Patent Sections Patent Rules
1 FORM 1.— Application for Grant of Patent Section 7. Form of application  Rule 20(1). International applications designating or designating and electing India
Section 54. Patents of addition 
Section 135. Convention applications 
2 FORM 2.— Provisional/Complete Specification Section 10. Contents of specifications  Rule 13. Specifications
3 FORM 3.— Statement and undertaking under Section 8 Section 8. Information and undertaking regarding foreign applications  Rule 12. Statement and undertaking regarding foreign applications 
4 FORM 4.— Request for Extension of Time  Section 53(2). Term of patent  Rule 13(6). Specifications 
Section 142(4). Fees Rule 24B(6). Examination of application 
Rule 24C(11). Expedited examination of applications
Rule 80(1A). Renewal fees under section 53
Rule 130. Application for review of decisions or setting aside of orders of the Controller 
5 FORM 5.— Declaration as to Inventorship  Section 10(6). Contents of specifications  Rule 13(6). Specifications 
6 FORM 6.— Claim or request regarding any change in applicant for Patent  Section 20 (1)(4)(5). Powers of Controller to make orders regarding substitution of applicants, etc.  Rule 34. Manner in which a claim under section 20(1) shall be made 
Rule 35. Manner in which a request may be made under section 20(4) 
Rule 36. Manner of application under section 20(5) 
7 FORM 7.— Notice of Opposition  Section 25(2). Opposition to the patent  Rule 55A. Filing of notice of opposition 
8 FORM 7A.— Representation for Opposition to Grant of Patent  Rule 55. Opposition to the patent 
9 FORM 8.— Request or Claim regarding mention of Inventor as such in a Patent  Section 28 (2)(3)(7). Mention of inventor as such in patent  Rule 66. Form of making a request under section 28(2) 
Rule 67. Form of making a claim under section 28(3) 
Rule 68. Form of application to be made under section 28(7) 
10 FORM 9.— Request for Publication  Section 11A)2). Publication of applications Rule 24A. Request for publication 
11 FORM 10.— Application for Amendment of Patent  Section 44. Amendment of patent granted to deceased applicant  Rule 74. Form of patent 
12 FORM 11.— Application for Direction of the Controller  Section 51(1)(2). Power of Controller to give directions to co-owners  Rule 76. Manner of applying for direction under section 51(1) 
Rule 77. Manner of application under section 51(2) 
13 FORM 12.— Request for Grant of Patent under section 26(1) & 52(2)  Section 26(1). In cases of “obtaining” Controller may treat the patent as the patent of opponent  Rule 63A. Request made under section 26(1) 
Section 52(2). Grant of patent to true and first inventor where it has been obtained by another in fraud of him  Rule 78. Procedure for the hearing of proceedings under section 51 
14 FORM 13.— Application for amendment of the application for Patent/Complete Specification Section 57. Amendment of application and specification or any document related thereto before Controller  Rule 81. Amendment of application, specification or any document relating thereto 
15 FORM 14.— Notice of opposition to amendment/restoration/ surrender of Patent/Grant of compulsory licence or revision of terms thereof or to corretion of clerical errors  Section 57(4). Amendment of application and specification or any document related thereto before Controller  Rule 81(3)(b). Amendment of application, specification or any document relating thereto 
Section 61(1). Procedure for disposal of applications for restoration of lapsed patents Rule 85(1). Opposition to restoration under section 61 
Section 63(3). Surrender of patents  Rule 87. Surrender of Patents 
Section 78(5). Power of Controller to correct clerical errors, etc  Rule 98. Notice of opposition under section 87(2) 
Section 87(2). Procedure for dealing with applications under sections 84 and 85  Rule 101. Procedure to be followed in case of applications under section 88(4) 
Rule 124. Manner and time of opposition to the making of corrections 
16 FORM 15.— Application for the restoration of patent  Section 60. Applications for restoration of lapsed patents  Rule 84. Restoration of patents 
17 FORM 16.— Application for registration of title/interest in a patent or share in it or registration of any document purporting to affect proprietorship of the patent  Section 69(1)(2). Registration of assignments, transmissions, etc Rule 90(1)(2). Registration of title and interest in patents 
18 FORM 17.— Application for compulsory licence  Section 84(1). Compulsory licences  Rule 96. Application for compulsory licence etc.
Section 91. Licensing of related patents 
Section 92(1). Special provision for compulsory licences on notifications by Central Government 
Section 92A.Compulsory licence for export of patented pharmaceutical products in certain exceptional circumstances
19 FORM 18.— Request/Express reqest for examination of application for patent Section 11A. Publication of applications Rule 20. International applications designating or designating and electing India
Rule 24B. Examination of application 
20 FORM 18A.— Request for Expedited Examination of application for patent Section 11B. Request for examination  Rule 24C. Expedited examination of applications
21 FORM 19.— Application for revocation of a patent for non working Section 85(1). Revocation of patents by the Controller for non-working Rule 96. Application for compulsory licence etc.
22 FORM 20.— Application for revision of terms and conditions of licence  Section 88(4). Powers of Controller in granting compulsory licences  Rule 100. Application under section 88(4)
23 FORM 21.— Request for termination of compulsory licence  Section 94. Termination of compulsory licence Rule 102(1). Application for termination of compulsory licence under section 94 
24 FORM 22.— Application for registration of patent agent  Section 109(!). Right of exclusive licensee to take proceedings against infringement  Section 109. Right of exclusive licensee to take proceedings against infringement 
25 FORM 23.— Application for the restoration of the name in the register of patent agents Section 130(2). Removal from register of patent agents and restoration  Rule 117(1). Restoration of name of persons removed from the register of patent agents 
26 FORM 24.— Application for review/setting aside controller’s decision/order  Section 77(1)(f),(1)(g). Controller to have certain powers of a civil court  Rule 130(1),(2). Application for review of decisions or setting aside of orders of the Controller 
27 FORM 25.— Request for permission for making patent application outside India  Section 39. Residents not to apply for patents outside India without prior permission  Rule 71(1). Permission for making patent application outside India under section 39
28 FORM 26.— Form for authorisation of a patent agent/or any person in a matter or proceeding under the act  Section 127. Rights of patent agents  Rule 135. Agency
Section 132. Savings in respect of other persons authorised to act as agents 
29 FORM 27.— Statement regarding the working of the patented invention on commercial scale in India Section 146(2). Power of Controller to call for information from patentees  Rule 131. Form and manner in which statements required under section 146(2) to be furnished
30 FORM 28.— Form to be submitted by a Small Entity/Startup/Educational Institute Rule 2. Definitions
Rule 7. Fees 
31 FORM 29.— Request for Withdrawal of the application for patent Section 11B(4). Request for examination  Rule 7. Fees 
Rule 26. Request for withdrawal 
32 FORM 30.— Form to be used when no other form is prescribed