Price inflation, is it beyond the controlable control?

Essential commodity prices are alarming. Weather it is buying a real estate or having cup of tea, it is a buzz now and everyone repeats a familiar word. “Prices are gone up”.

Consumer commodities are fixed at an average of 20 to 30 % high, Tea is now Rs.4.00 in Chennai Average quality Rice is now 26 kg. The same rice I bought 2 month back was just 21, Bath soap is now Rs.16, the same was 12 a month back. There is no end to it.

The list is growing, Should not the congress govt or state govts react here to curb the rising.

Mr.Chidambaram failed miserably, he once again proved his logics and gimmic
never worked nor in future.
I am a well wisher of Mr.Chidambaram, I like his speech, thoughts,the community
he belongs to (Chettiyar a community known for business technics).
I never felt Yaswant Sinha, could have been a finance minister, but credit goes
to vajpayee and Mr.Sinha proved the success of his term

Numbers does not count, but the end result count”.

“The common man should not feel the pinch”.

Mr.Singh failed, because of his team failure, his whole team failed miserably
on all fronts. Weather it is India’s Inflation, security (internal),
border(Line of control), international relationship, finance or peace.

There is quote in Tamil “thalai sariya illenna vaalum sariya
irukathu”( If the head is not fit enough, naturally the tail wont too …
This is a good example .
When the head of the state failed, ( I surprise.. leadership qualities are not
any more counted by congress/politics, I guess none of these Congress leaders,
especially those who are ministers are fit enough for the leadership. Virtual
failure of U.S.A is just because of their leader Mr.Bush.

He failed on both of his terms, the history is written with 9/11 attacks,
Afghan war, Iraq war and financial collapse of U.S. Economy. After 2 terms of
his rule, he gets credit for more number of death toll in his rule. weather, it
is head count of U.S. Soldiers or the citizens of war affected countries.

Coming back to prices, Is that the serious route to the current inflation is
farmer loan waiver? it was a blunder decision/mistake the government fuelled to
the wild fire. To be more centric to the Farmer loan, a core logic behind the
waiver decision has no valid answers by the govt. On my guess!!!
1.Was it to give relive to farmers, who were hit by draught and they cannot pay
back in short near term?
2.Was it because they want to ensure that the vote bank is assured.?
3. Have they printed equal amount of cash instruments and delivered to banks in
compensation of waiver.

We don’t know how this account going to be +-=. Anyway, this cannot be a valid
reason for the uncontrollable price inflation, core issues are speculation,
fuel price, & transportation cost. Govt not controlling the control ? at
least they can waive off local taxes on such commodities, which are going out
of control. There is no control or regulation on the real estate prices. 100’s
of thousand of cultivatable hectares are converted into bits and piece of

When such is the scenario, govt virtually failed to safeguard the interest of
tata, when they cannot solve the most important subject among the corporate
world, naturally it is their incapability, and no more they can negotiate or
request the corporate to curb the price inflation.

As long as govt does not control food and essential commodities price. The
scenario is going to get worse and the most affected would be those, who does
not read this blog & those who don’t know the A B C’s.

Wake up Leaders!!!.