Raja Sir 71, Tree plantation event

mango plants
mango plants

It was a great opportunity paying back to the music. Yes, music of isaignani illayaraja’s  is always a medicine. His music heals the heart and mind.  His music is a best companion when alone, drive and travel.

On June 2nd falls Raja sir’s birthday. 2014 is 71st birthday.  As a thanksgiving to his music, I have sponsored and organized a tree plantation event at my village government elementary school.  The event went on successfully and demand for fruit tree’s went up all through villagers.

Week back, my friend  Mr.Harikrishnan forwarded me an email about the 71st birthday of illayaraja sir and a project run by isaignanifanclub.com, an official fan club of illayaraja, managed by his daughter and his long time music lovers.

A project of planting 71001 trees across Tamilnadu.  I found this initiative is interesting, so I traced the contacts for Vellore District. I found Mr.Babu and confirmed my interest to involve in the initiative. But, I had no clue what is what and how this is going to take place. I was determined to use this chance to promote the environment and  use the support of my mother’s, Saraswathi Foundation for promoting and environment Sarasedentrust.org

Vellore District co-ordinator confirmed me that he will organize the trees  in whatever the quantity I need. However, transporting it is going to cost me a lot since my village and Vellore City is almost 70 KM away. The other concern was that, what type of tree plants I would get and how this is going to attract the children and retain the interest of nurturing.

So, I concluded that tree plants should be fruit yielding one, hence I started searching through many friends and contacts to avail the fruit tree plants. Found no garden nursery was nearby. I walked and called many forest range offices in Vellore and Tiruvellore districts to find about the tree plants. Nowhere, I got a positive response on tree plants, specially the fruit yielding. Lost few days, I had only 24 hours, at last got a contact to garden nursery based in Chengalpatu, Orchid tree. The owner lady said each plant will cost Rs.30, but transporting to be taken care. Since this place further far than Vellore City, it is going to cost more. Around 130 KM. from village. At last my neighbor Mr.Eswaran, gave me a lead one through one Mr.Meganathan, he suggested me to buy plants from a village located in Andhra Pradesh, near Tamilnadu border.

On June 2nd morning, myself and my daughter who was on summer vacation started a 80 KM drive to reach Andhra Pradesh(Seema Andhra). Ont he way we found the  stretch between Tiruvellore Town and Uttuottai town is growing very faster, my daughter witnessed many forest range offices and a Poondi lake.

Finally, we approached the seller, the seller quoted each plant Rs60. Normal rate of each plant is around Rs.100+. I tried convincing about donation to children etc, etc. However, he said he can offer Rs.30. Each plant, justified that nurturing involves lot of cost and maintenance of pouring water everyday.

So finally purchased around 50 @ INR 30 and requested them to give extra 10 plants as gift. We got it. By the time me and my daughter reached it was around 11 A.M. My another important tasks were to confirm the children, chief guest and important logistic of banners.

Ha ha, I found the digital banner industry is so busy in Tamilnadu, youth are already fell victim of banner culture, printing banners for every reason and flooding the designers and delivery schedules. In my case, it was a essential that banners mentioning the event name was must. A condition of isaignanifanclub. Even otherwise, an event needs a backdrop with event name and sponsorship etc. A way to record the events. Luckily, I went with already self designed banners in psd format.  So it took just an hour and Rs.200 for two banners of 5ft X 2ft size, Rs 10/sq ft. But it was quick printed fitted highlights.

The past few weeks weather is so hot that, human body starts burning everywhere, could not tolerate the heat at the mid of the afternoon. Initially program was planned at 2.30, based on the hot weather, I pushed to 3.30 PM. As planned mango tree plants , banners,  chocolates, chief guests and children were ready. The programme went on well, every children was happy to receive the plants, specially after I said, this is a special variety of Banganapalli mango trees.

I am sure, most of them would be nurturing that everyday and looking forward quick harvesting and a shadow at the backyard of the house.

I too feel this is just a initiative to impress the cute minds and create a concern on environment. Thanks to Saraswathi Foundation of the money contribution and for the moral support of isaignanifanclub.com Mr.Babu. Vellore District.  iPhone and Asha 230 photo clicks by Vishal and Shailesh.

Note: Any government/private school or colleges in Tamilnadu, NCC, Scout programs require any events supporting environment, planting shadow giving trees or a fruit yielding trees. please let us know. we will provide logistic and execute the event. Ultimately, seed some effort to manage the global warming and hot weather.

Total cost of the event was INR was 2850.

1500 Plants
1000 for Fuel
200 Banner print
150 Chocolates.