Reform Acts suggestion for new Enactment

Senior Citizen’s Call to the Nation
Issued  in the Public Interest
by  Advocate V. Sundararajan, High Court – Madras
(content is free to distribute) Reform Acts suggestion for new Enactment. Benefits of the Act
1 Working Employees Welfare Act
(To cover Central and State Government Employees) 
– The Centre and State Government get a benefit of savings of several crores of Rupees, if the transfer policy is  repealed.
– The working employees will save several Lakhs of Rupees in the family budget by  keeping the family in the same place.- It will avoid prolonged court proceedings, unfair labour practise, Nepotism, Caste-ism and regionalism.
-Quasi-Judicial order will give fruitful results to the affected parties.

-Avoids false statements and speedy disposal of cases

a)      COUNSELLING system to be adopted for working employees in one and the same place, internal peace at home and happiness in the working place.
b)     Ceiling limit of time to dispose of statutory appeal, at appropriate stage and stay by restricting the engagement of officials of the same department as an inquiry officer.
c)      Allow to engage Advocate during department and domestic proceedings.
d)     Application of Oath Act and Evidence Act as a part of the proceedings.
2 Inter-state Welfare and Peace Act
a)      Drinking water and Irrigation facilities. Central Government must deposit Rs.100 crores of Rupees to the credit of the State which  gives the water to other State. -Crores of rupees can be saved, agitations avoided and protection of  the public property is ensured.

-Agriculturists are feeding channel of people, giving paddy and other produces to the public, being the backbone of the Nation. They shall be protected under Article 21 of Constitution of India.

-Livelihood of the agriculturists will be improved.



-More grains can be produced, and will improve the national GDP.

b)     Farmers may be given Farmers Pension as an incentive.




c)      Steps to adopt alternative crop system.



d)     Taking over the vacant land with the consent of the Agriculturists, and        in-turn the Government has to give subsisting compensation till the land is fit for cultivation or yielding.


3 Constitutional and Global Languages Development Act -Improves Trust and Goodwill  between the  States

-Employment opportunities will be available throughout India and Globally.

e)       To teach secularism in Languages, with option to study any Language at the choice of the students and parents
f)       Constitutional and Global Language institutions to be established.
g)      To learn languages at free of cost and seek employment in any of the country and global nations.
4) Preservation of Public Properties and Avoidance of misuse of Tax Payers Money – Act. -Crores of Rupees can be saved.

-No additional budget.

-Funds  generated can be used to reduce poverty and improve health system and safety to common public.

a)Nationalized banks are to be converted as Private banks.
           b)  Public undertakings shares are

to be sold to people.

c) Airport Authority of India to be entrusted to private enterprises.
e)      Abolition of Rajya Sabha to save Crores of Rupees to the Nation.
5) Women Lawyers Welfare Act -33% reservation policy can be ensured to up lift the Women Lawyers.
a)      Establishment of, Women Bar Council at  New Delhi with State Bar Council in each State.
b)     Giving 33% of vacancies  in Judiciary and Public Prosecutor (civil and criminal)
6) Judicial Reform Act
(Quick  disposal of cases.)
-Number of Appeal & Special Leave Petitions are fully avoidable and thereby number of present and future cases will be reduced.
a)      Appointing Legal Expert Examiners from the field of Labour, Sales tax, Income Tax and Service Matters, and etc, to be drawn from eminent Lawyers to assist Court proceedings and to assist Public Prosecutors/Government Pleaders giving reference of the Apex Court Judgement, Bench Judgment and Similar judgments for quick disposal of cases without waiting for seniority of the cases year wise.


Yours Faithfully

Working Employees Welfare Act Judicial Reform Act Preservation of Public Properties and Avoidance of misuse of Tax Payers Money – Act.