Southern states are going the king in deciding the lok sabha elections 2014

The political system in India is getting to an unpredictable attitudes; one cannot be sure of which leader would jump when to which political party and which party is going to alliance with whom. What would be their terms and contract before and after the elections.

Buying MLA’s and MP’S has become a ignorance of the political system, ultimately fooling the public/voters. Candidate contest elections with a X party, they propaganda the policy and agendas of the X party, while so contesting. But, after they win they simply change the party to Y, virtually cheating the voters. This kind of political system needs a serious review.

Electoral reform in India needs a serious review, firstly, on the pre-alliance and post alliance of parties, restrict the parties in changing the side after elections, Secondly, do not allow the won candidate to change the party after the election, finally to streamline the political party system to a two party based national political system specially for parliament elections. This would bring in the real revolution of public administration and improvement of the country.

Coming to the prediction of lok sabha 2014 elections, my heart goes with the BJP and Narendra Modi for the Prime minister candidate, however, like the last lok sabha election 2009, the over confident BJP, who missed the race by missing out the mathematics. Congress was very clever and they hit the right at the bottom of the real voters by alliance with political parties very calculative. Congress did a good mathematics for the 2nd consecutive time.

Loka sabha elections 2014 though look very favorable to BJP, the state political parties will play a major role in forming the government. Specially, the southern states Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Kerala regional political parties will play a major role in deciding and forming the next government. Unless BJP puts ground effort in educating every voter to vote for the national political party BJP, the time will be tough.

Now, the country should vote for a single party majority, in order to expect the real powers of legislatures and prime minister, unlike the handicapped NDA and UPA alliances, who can never take independent decisions.

Though the probable wining parties of southern states are in the mood of supporting BJP’s PM candidate Modi, the pre & post election alliance will be the sole deciding factor in forming the  next government and the prime minister.

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