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Speed dial is a phone call application, speed dial on the drive. with this app user can place 24 most frequent contact numbers from existing address book & assign it to the speed dial screen.

A group, family or office contacts on a single screen.

By using a Number settings button on the home screen, numbers can be re-assigned & replaced at any time according to the preference. Upon selecting the phone number from address book contacts, first name or a last name whichever available is displayed instantaneously on the home screen.

Speed dial name & number can also be manually set, by entering it using the phone keypad.

*** For effective use place the app icon on the first page.

Note : Apple does not allow White spaces, * and # characters inside a Phone Number for security reasons to protect the phone from hacking. Delete such characters after selecting the contact.

iPhone Speed Dial
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Feedback on 4.0.1
* Do you have a Droid version, awesome app
* It is an awesome app
* I love it
* 48 dials
* Qucik Speed SMS

Update/Installtion Instructions:-
*Update is free it wont be charged
*Use the same Apple ID you used to purchase this.
*Can also sync from PC iTunes software.
* Purchase SMS option is not mandatory.
* Settings > Privacy > Contacts > Allow Speed Dial to use contacts.

★★★★★ App. Best Speed dial app


User Feedback’s:
Speed Dial – ★★★★★

by bimlsy – 26 December 2010

Works great

thankyou – ★★★★★

by Jonas Boll – 23 December 2009

this is just what I was looking for

It’s doing the job – ★★★★

by Kmk38 – Ver 2.8 – 08 December 2009

This Aps delivering exactly what it promiced. Well working Speed Dial.
Oppaaa – ★★★★★

by wooshmod – 22 October 2009

Nice and clean app. Best speed dial here.
Bereits mittelfristig bestes … – ★★★★★

by JRMO – 25 April 2011

… Kurzwahl-App im Test. Farbig dezente Felder um Gruppen anzulegen wäre vielleicht eine Idee.

nicht übel! – ★★★★

by xtraphoner – Ver 2.8 – 05 October 2010

Funktioniert super,ist einfach und übersichtlich und tut seinen Dienst.Genau das,was man erwartet. Fotos zu den Kontakten einbinden wäre Klasse sowie die Anzahl der Kurzwahlfelder selbst anpassen

Absolut Spitze!!! – ★★★★★

by Ancistrus3 – Ver 2.8 – 25 August 2010

Kann das Programm nur empfehlen. Sehr übersichtlich, schnell einzurichten, guter Preis. – Für alle, die nicht lange ihre Kontakte durchsuchen möchten, sondern nur schnell telefonieren!!!

Alles Super – ★★★★★

by Oldhein – Ver 2.8 – 11 July 2010

Also 2 Klicks und ich werde mit meinem Gegenüber verbunden. Im Auto ein muss.

Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut. – ★★★★★

by Marco Federhen – Ver 2.8 – 16 March 2010

24 Kurzwahltasten auf einen Blick. Das lästige Scrollen in der Favoritenliste hat damit ein Ende. Für Vieltelefonierer ein Muss.

Kurzwahl perfekt – ★★★★★

by bigzottel62 – Ver 2.8 – 19 September 2009
Alles funktioniert reibungslos und ist allemal besser als über die Favoriten zu gehen. Also ich kann es nur weiter empfehlen.

良い!! – ★★★★

by さくぞー – Ver 2.8 – 09 January 2011


日本人向け? – ★★★★★

by 塚 – Ver 2.8 – 15 November 2009

短縮ダイヤルの順番も日本人向け名前、順番は簡単に変更できます値段も安い 使いやすい 最高です
Awesome speed dial app – ★★★★★

by Balleyman – 10 June 2011

24 speed dials, easy to setup, works like a charm. Perfect for my use. Kudos!

Very nice – ★★★★

by AppleNutsSPM – 31 May 2011

Would like a white theme (you have black). 24 numbers is great. Family and friends in an easy list. I love how I can rearrange them.

Very good, easily made great – ★★★★

by Ken166 – 14 May 2011

Almost perfect!

Group all in one – ★★★★★

by mlckrem – – 03 July 2010

I had been looking for a app like this for some time.
Exactly what I wanted (v2.8) – ★★★★★

by Kbeisly 15 October 2009

The one thing I really missed about my old flip phone —

Excellent – ★★★★★

by IsaacNM October 2009

Very easy to use app for speed dial. Just tap and go. Highly recommend.


– Fixed, App crash during colour selection.
– Fixed, Speed Dial Name will go multiple lines( 12 characters per line, second line based on word wrap)
– New, Default Color button to remove color selections and image
– Use, 2 fingers to zoom photos in edit. Place eyes on center top, best fit photo.

Update Instructions
In-App :- If already purchased SMS toggle, use restore previous purchase option from info screen.
It is not mandatory.

Update Instructions:-
Updating from 4.0 :- Old speed dial contacts will be retained.
Updating from 2.8 :- Old speed dial contact may not be retained for iOS version 5.0 and above.