Latest update:

  • New version 5.0.1 replaced the 5.0.
  • Non-Responsive bug and feedback email fixed.

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This release contains 2 bugs.

  1. Update Instructions for non-responsiveness: Users who never purchased in-app have to purchase the in-app as mandatory(For now this In-App free. Worth 2$).
  2. Feedback & Tell -Friend, Auto dismissal. In the information page, feedback and tell-a-friend have a bug related to iOS issue.(Getting dismissed automatically)
  3. Alert when a call is made: An alert popping up when a call is pressed.

Following are our instructions

1) Update Instructions for non-responsiveness:
App Users, who did not have SMS In-App, may have to activate the in-app purchase in order for an effective update. The in-app purchase would be available for FREE for 15 days(Enjoy the feature worth $2 ). Kindly use the Buy SMS/WhatsApp button on the top left of the main screen to purchase the same for FREE and enable the Call/SMS/WhatsApp option on the main screen. Later, you change the mode to SMS & and then to Call to initiate the settings.

Step by step procedure.

1) Tap on Buy SMS/WhatsApp button on the main screen top left.

2) in the info page, again tap on Buy SMS/Whatsapp – (It is free)
3) AppStore may ask for your password.
4) After that, your purchase would be successful.
5) Now go to the main screen.
6) You shall see Call | SMS | WhatsApp.
7) Tap once on SMS, and again on Call option. Now, your app shall work as previous.
Do revert back with screenshots if the issue still persists, I would be glad to assist.

2) Feedback & Tell -Friend Auto dismissal.

There is no readymade fix for this. Either we require another update, or iOS 10.3.2 may fix this issue. Meanwhile, do use the following feedback contact    and Tell a Friend Link

3) Alert when call is made 

This issue is persisting for iOS 10.3.1 users, 10.3.2 version of iOS will fix this Alert. So the app will become again one touch dialer.

My Update Experience

Thanks for using this app for almost a decade now! Our app has been simple and humble to users, in assisting with the productivity. For us, it has always been non-revenue service rather than a selling app and sustaining any revenue. Quite often, syncing with Apple’s AppStore app ecosystem makes us very difficult to engage resources and provide frequent updates. On the other hand, updates are always a disturbing break to existing users, even a minor change affects existing users with of inconvenience from routine.

Since, I had no other option except to cope with the latest iPhone devices like iPhone 7 and iOS 10.3, I had to give an update for this app, many long time users are humbly following me, demanded an update. Otherwise, this app might have become obsolete like your old iOS or Apple Device.

This update 5.0 build 5.6 replaces 4.0.1. We tried to avoid any major changes to the app, except to improve the compatibility and retain the user experience.

Existing customers were two types, around 60 % of users purchased the app, as well In-App feature. Remaining were using without an In-App purchase of SMS feature.

This update is aimed to integrate WhatsApp feature, our testing was much focused on in-App purchase. After releasing to the store, I have observed that users who had earlier 4.0.1 and earlier versions, and who had never purchased the in-app SMS feature,   facing a bug which makes the touch dial as non-responsive. The root cause for this issue was not setting a value for the call functionality, was a lack of testing and resources.  I apologize for that. That is the reason, In-App has been set free for now. I would almost loose 200 USD for this mistake.

Soon I may sell this App: I am glad to tell you that, the potential buyer is interested in acquiring this iPhone app for a good price. But, for now, I intend to hold it for few more years.

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As such following are the update features:
– WhatsApp integration
– iOS 10.3 update
– iPhone 7 compatibility
– Tableview, Chosen Colours for telephone text.
– Use country code in + format for WhatsApp functionality.
– Reorder saving crash bug has been fixed. (Reorder is removed.)

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