Patent Act chart, Forms, Sections, Rules chart

slno Patent FormNo Patent Sections Patent Rules
1 FORM 1.— Application for Grant of Patent Section 7. Form of application  Rule 20(1). International applications designating or designating and electing India
Section 54. Patents of addition 
Section 135. Convention applications 
2 FORM 2.— Provisional/Complete Specification Section 10. Contents of specifications  Rule 13. Specifications
3 FORM 3.— Statement and undertaking under Section 8 Section 8. Information and undertaking regarding foreign applications  Rule 12. Statement and undertaking regarding foreign applications 
4 FORM 4.— Request for Extension of Time  Section 53(2). Term of patent  Rule 13(6). Specifications 
Section 142(4). Fees Rule 24B(6). Examination of

Trademark Search Tool, Pre-Action is better than Pre-Caution.

Trademark Search Tool, Pre-Action is better than a precaution.

Most trademark databases are having a captcha code that makes it difficult to do a quick search of a trademark.  The owner, the trademark agent, and trademark attorney quite often have to make a quick search over the mark in dispute, or while designing a mark, to make a comparison report with existing trademark is a tedious problem.

This web tool has been developed to solve such problem. May be you are planning to design your trademark, or evaluating a name, or want to know the status of an existing …