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For few years now, I had successfully done hundreds of patent prior art and patent invalidity searches. Most of these searches were with the US and Japan clients. Recently, I got to know about the 3rd party crowd sourcing platform models, those providing efficient patent search solutions. Example, Article One Partners and Patexia are some of those, providing very successful medium for the innovation companies and patents owners, enabling them to avail the patent search services at a fixed price, with the pool of efficient researchers.

Past few months, I have done half a dozen patent studies on these crowd …

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Patent services, we offers a wide array of patent related services for corporates, law firms, research organizations, patent service companies, IP advisory firms, database companies and technology transfer firms across the globe.

Our team has a distinct advantage of having talented and experienced multi-domain experts. The subject matter experts include engineers, biotechnologists, pharmacists, medical practitioners, patent attorneys and MBAs. All of them are experts in search, analysis and reporting. The ability of our search experts in handling  worldwide patent databases ensures comprehensive, accurate and on-time delivery of our services and research results.

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