Trademarks, Reply awaited against the office objection where Examination report dispatched by 31/07/2017 B – F

Trademarks, Reply awaited against the office objection where Examination report dispatched by 31/07/2017
22-Jun-17 B
16-Mar-17 B
18-Oct-16 B
7-Nov-16 B
18-Oct-16 B
28-Jun-17 B
28-Jul-17 B
28-Jul-17 B
21-Jul-17 B
24-Jun-17 B – 2 BASE BRAND
21-Jun-17 B & B BUTTONS & BOWS
29-Jun-16 B & B CONVENT
28-Jul-17 B & B GROWING
28-Jul-17 B & B GROWING
28-Jul-17 B & B GROWING (LABEL)
27-Jun-17 B & B POWERTEK
29-Jul-17 B & GTRADE
28-Jan-16 B (DEVICE)
21-May-15 B (DEVICE)
27-Jul-17 B 20
10-Sep-16 B BARONO (device)
18-Oct-16 B BARREL
17-Oct-16 B BEBO …

An important reason to file a Trademark, infringement by partner

Trademark is a statutory right. It is a well-known fact that it is called as an intellectual property right, often called as an intangible asset. Means an asset which has no valuation, but it has potential to be evaluated.

Medium and Large companies know well about the trademarks and they must be having registered trademarks, they might have renewed at least 1 or 2 times, within last 30 years. But, for small size companies and start-ups allocating time and funds for IP asset creation is still far from the reality.

There are 3 reasons, even well-established companies, who are doing …

TM Rules 2017 determination of Well-Known Trademark

Determining Indian Well-Known marks status seems like a conflict against international IP policies. In Indian Trademark Registry, well-known marks were publicly listed  in the website. But, they were only based on the Court Judgement, supported by  the extract of sentences  containing “well-known mark” references/quote.

Now, as the new TM Rules 2017 have come with a procedure/rule for determining a Well-Known Trademark , my interpretation leads to following requirements and conditions.


  • TM-M form to be used.
  • Only E-filing
  • Fees applicable 100,000/per mark.
  • TM registration is not compulsory. If not registered, logo and documents are required.
  • Statement of case (No format

New Trademark Rules 2017, untested e-filing system and administrative system

My experience has been a mix of technology and law. So, I take the privilege to comment on the new trademark rules 2017.

The recent change in Trademark Rules 2017 and e-filing system is unclear and lacks the touch of the professional plan in an application migration and adaptability etc.

Normally, when any web application is expected to be replaced with the new version, it is a must practice that, the beta version must be introduced into the use first. Secondly, beta would be able to help in getting all kind feedback from the users and improve the live use.…