Trademarks, Reply awaited against the office objection where Examination report dispatched by 31/07/2017 S -Z

9 18-OCT-1 S
8-Aug-16 S
27-Jun-17 S
23-Sep-16 S
6-Sep-16 S
22-Jun-17 S
8-Jun-16 S
3-Feb-17 S
17-Mar-17 S
14-Jul-14 S
20-Jun-17 S
30-Nov-16 S
27-Jun-17 S
28-Nov-16 S
7-Feb-17 S
27-Jun-17 S
28-Feb-17 S
1-Mar-17 S
18-Oct-16 S – Boys
29-Jun-17 S & E
29-Jul-17 S & M
28-Jun-17 S & M
12-Jan-16 S & M Endeavors Inc.
12-Jan-16 S & M Endeavors Inc.
1-Mar-17 S & S
29-Sep-16 S & S COACHING
13-Jul-16 S & S SYSTEMS
27-Jun-17 S & T
3 29-JUL-1 S (DEVICE)
4 29-JUL-1 S (DEVICE)
27-Jul-17 S (DEVICE)
13-Jan-16 S (DEVICE)
6-Apr-15 S (DEVICE)…

Trademark Search Tool, Pre-Action is better than Pre-Caution.

Trademark Search Tool, Pre-Action is better than a precaution.

Most trademark databases are having a captcha code that makes it difficult to do a quick search of a trademark.  The owner, the trademark agent, and trademark attorney quite often have to make a quick search over the mark in dispute, or while designing a mark, to make a comparison report with existing trademark is a tedious problem.

This web tool has been developed to solve such problem. May be you are planning to design your trademark, or evaluating a name, or want to know the status of an existing …