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Tamil Quotes is collection of more than 750 best Quotes & it is my third Tamil iPhone & iPad  application approved and published today at iTunes store. Actually, I wanted to put this as commercial application and make  few hundred dollars, in fact submitted this app at iTune store almost about 2 months back with price  tag of 1US$. But apple app testing professional smartly reviewed the app and coolly said, this Tamil quote cannot be published just because it does not  have too many functionalities & not worth for US$ 1. Few days I did break my head found few more additional functionalities such as screenshot a quote and send as email to friends from its swipe left and right navigation, as well provided additionally, the next and previous navigation buttons. Even then the Apple professional removed the app saying the app is not worth for 1$, may be they are correct, but from my point of view i don’t think  750 very old quotes of Tamil collections is not worth Just Rs 45.00, sometime I do wonder even 50 pages book cost not less than Rs.60. Which is more than 1US$. Apple having standards and considering user satisfaction have put in such approval conditions, I too appreciate them for the review process.

Finally, I have no other option except to publish the application as Free app.

This application is typed in Tamil by me personally during weekends(You will notice, best known typo errors as  I am best known for spelling mistakes, Kindly send me such screenshots of faulty quotes to gmail at devarajan, I shall rectify it in next update). Please also note most of these quotes are collected from old calendars & would be very useful, entertaining and fun with friends.
This app has both iPhone and iPad versions links are here:


Browse, Enjoy & Refer to Friends.

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  1. appreciate u for such an effort…1 kind request is, can u make it available for symbian ^3 platform. It would be useful for Nokia users(like me :D)…thanx ahead 🙂