Things to remember when you make consumer complaint

Things to remember when you make consumer complaint.:-

Consumer Complaint can be filed on the following grounds.

1) Deficiency of Service.
2) A defect in the product supplied.
3) Unfair Trade Practices.

Normally, an affected person may think that approaching to a consumer court thinking that he can resolve his issue, and he would be getting an immediate remedy. However, I would advise you to give yourself a second thought before you decide to file a complaint. Because you should exhaust prior remedial mechanisms.  Ex. Banking ombudsman should be exhausted to move to RBI ombudsman and then to a Consumer Court.

As such, try your best possible options to sit across the table with the customer support or the opposite party directly to resolve your conflict.

In case you have exhausted and decided to file the complaint, please make sure, you do the following to-do list.

  1. Issue a Legal Notice either through an advocate or yourself.
  2. See that a copy of such notice and registered acknowledgement is receiving. Because this would help you to verify the opposite party if still living/operates at the given address.
  3. In preparing a complaint better avoid long personal stories and emotional history. Focus on the logical points and how the cause of action arose.
  4. Prove your facts with valid documents
  5. Ensure, you have the invoice copy, order number
  6. Ensure, you have mentioned your account ID, email ID, mobile number in case the dispute is related to online website services.
  7. Normally, District Forum may have 3 sitting members in the forum. So you need to print the complaint in 3 green legal sets and each copy for each opposite party.
  8. Never miss your dates to appear.
  9. You can directly file the complaint, provided you have ample of time for every hearing.
  10. Mostly, the opposite parties may skip their appearance, expecting that the District Forum may order an ex-parte but with the fine of only Rs 5000 or 10000 apart from the actual refund.
  11. The opposite party may appeal against the order before the state forum.
  12. Moreover, the proceedings and purposeful delay by the opposite parties may delay the proceedings. The case may take 2 ~3 years to decide. Be ready and prepared.
  13. Your agent can appear, even non-advocate can appear before the forum.
  14. In the case of Lok Adalat, you may feel free to settle down the issue.

NOTE: I am personally predicting that the mediation and arbitration style remedy mechanism will work well in handling the consumer complaints. So a dispute can be settled within prescribed time. Avoid costs and delay to everyone.