Why to compare your trademark-search with the conflicting mark(s)

Trademark search

Trademark Search
Why compare your trademark search with the conflicting mark(s).

You may be aware that before you file a Trademark application, it is your duty to do a trademark-search of your trademark. Secondly, after you file your Trademark application, your application might face an objection under Section 11, when the Trademark Examiner finds similar marks on the Trademark Registrar, that results in a bunch of conflicting marks that might have been reported retrieved by the Trademark Examiner. Hence, under both these circumstances, doing a  Trademark Search and making a technical comparison is a mandatory process, which requires a skill and knowledge in the trademark subject matter.

A skill which is just not about comparing it for a similarity in the text, or the design similarity. There are many aspects and technical elements to it. In my opinion, a registered Trademark Attorney is the best person, who could execute such a trademark search and comparison for a minimal service fee.

In fact, your prior moderate expenses the professional fee for Trademark-Search & Comparison can save you a lot of money.  You could avoid precious years of time in your Trademark Prosecution proceedings. Because imagine,  if your mark is rejected after 3+ years of prosecution proceedings, like Objection, Opposition, and etc. You will have to start once again from the beginning.

So, be liberal to spend a few thousand to do a Trademark-Search & Comparison Report of your mark, before you make an application. Trademark Search needs to be done on the TM databases of the Country and also in international TM databases, similarly conflicting marks to be analysed from the TM databases as well as the Trade.

In the next blog post, I will write in detail about the technicalities of the Trademark Search & Comparison

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