Unknown Freedom Fighters of India Independence

Unknown Freedom Fighters of India 

We are celebrating 73rd Independence Day today 15.08.2019. This year is a predominant year for 2 reasons. First, the BJP Government retained their ruling power for the second consecutive term as single party majority. Second, within few weeks of taking oath and forming the Government, Lokh Sabha and Rajya Sabha members in majority have  passed certain extra ordinary bills in the interest of the nation.

Among them, the Triple Talaq bill and the historical Constitution  of Jammu & Kashmir modification, namely Article 370 and 35A  are remarkable  law inclusions in the Indian History.

Though Kashmir is a separate Constitution within the Indian Constitution,, It’s now changed and Jammu & Kashmir will be treated as similar and at par with all other states and Union Territories of India. The pride and prime land of India would become a free land to all Indians and freedom to trade and development to the local people.
Team led by Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and Ajit Doval , supported by the defense forces have done a remarkable job in the transition  of Jammu & Kashmir modification.

Well, it is quite obvious that the 1947 Independence India and 2019 Republic India has got a sea of change.
At this juncture, it is time to recall our history and the British Rule. the British took advantage of our difference between the different kingdoms,  Lack of unity in Indian India had led the British to take advantage, and  made slavery India, Now, every Indian’s goal should be, never such history should be repeated In India. OneIndia has to be the theme of super Power India 2020.

Whether a State from South, North, West, East, Northeast, Northwest, India is one, difference/diversity in language and culture or traditions, but we are united India and One India.

As the RSS sarsanghchalak Shri  Mohan Bhagwat ji said, Unity in Diversity is the ultimate aim of Hindutva  Bharat.

While, at this juncture, it is a gratitude and respect every patriotic Indian should  say thanks to those freedom fighters who had sacrificed their life for mother India. The PDF files attached herewith contains a list of unknown freedom fighters, who hail from different states of India.

This list contains unknown freedom fighters, compiled for the purpose of teaching and creating awareness to the next generation; to tell them that  sacrifices and patriotism of freedom fighters only helping us to have free air. free nation, OneIndia.

This list of freedom fighters unknown to most Indians have been compiled by the RASHTRIYA SWAYAMSEVAKS OF IT MILAN GROUP MOGAPPAIR,CHENNAI.




– Smt. Uda Devi, Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha, Warrior Uda DeviUda Devi

Tiruppur Kumaran Shri. Tiruppur Kumaran Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha, Textile Mill Employee

Tilka Manjhi Shri. Tilka Manjhi, Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha, Tribal Leader

Tantia Tope Shri. Tantia Tope, Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha, Army Gene

Surya Sen Shri. Surya Sen, Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha, Teacher

Sidhu and Kanhu Murmu Sidhu and Kani Mummy, Leaders  of Santhal Rebellion 1855-1856

Rash Behari Bose Shri. Rash Behari Bose, Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha, Intellectual

Rani Velu Nachiyar Rani Velu NACHIYAR, Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha, Maharani

Rani Avantibai Rani Avantibai, Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha, Maharani

Pritilata Waddedar Smt. Pritilata WADDEDAR, Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha, Teacher

Prafulla Chaki Shri. Prafulla Chaki, Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha, Student

Khudiram Bose Shri. Khudiram BOSE, Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha, Student

Kanaklata Barua Smt. Kanaklata Barua, Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha, Student

Jatin Das Shri. Jatin Das, Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha, Student

Dheeran Chinnamalai Dheeran Chinnamalai, Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha, Chieftain

Birsa Munda Shri. Birsa Munda, Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha, Tribal Leader

Bhatukeswar Dutt Shri. Bhatukeswar Dutt, Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha

Ashfaqulla Khan Shri. Ashfaqulla Khan, Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha, Student

Alluri Sitarama Raju Shri.Alluri Sitarama Raju Bharatiya Svatantrata Yoddha, Tribal Leader

Rani Gaidinliu Rani Gaidinliu, Bharatiya Svatantrat Yoddha,Spiritual Leader

Contribution by :  RSS Chennai