Vishwaroopam movie review

Along the weekend, made an opportunity with friends to watch the movie in Bangalore, Inox @ Mantri Square. 

A great effort, movie touches the root of terrorism. To say it in a single sentence, “How the kid minded teens are nurtured as terrorists with brainstorming and wrong guidance” . Applaudable effort by Padmashree Kamal Hasan. Indian/Tamil cinema demonstrates another level of superiority. Matching hollywood skills.

Though I could not understand the meaning of few arabic words and prayer slogans, the story doesn’t seems to be touching or hurting any religion, but at some some places touches hindu gods as a joke. 🙁 No body is bothered about It.(why should not we ban the movie in India?).

The movie beginning starts very slow, performance of Kamal as a dance teacher is marvelous, then after the story goes interesting and live into Afghanistan.  Keeps the audience engaged till the story ends at New York.

Picture digitalization, audio is of great quality and the screen size too.

Not a family movie, but a movie that needs little interpretation skills to understand the twisted dialogues to know the root of terrorism.Kamal, You are a dedicated artist. Keep it up.

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