Whatsapp and Facebook is not good for emotional societies – I am banning it

I do agree the facebook and whatsapp have dominated the hands and minds of billions, of course helped their founders to earn billions. As a user, I appreciate the technology used and interface and liberty to practice own journalism and so on…

It helps to get back to old friends and colleagues, at the same time it gives lot of hand ache, finger ache, eye ache, and time ache. After 8 years of facebook use, I have arrived at a stage, my thoughts and mind somehow became dominated by the status thoughts and thoughts for status.

Though, it might seem like we are spending less time on it…you would be surprised, if you monitor, you might be spending more than your regular sleep hours, at least 10 minutes once you tend to open your mobile, unlock your screen, check your inbox, status, comments, scroll and etc,,etc…it becomes too much. When you find newbies of your old friends chat with you like they are still 90’s yahoo messenger.

I think more than all, it has proved that productivity has drastically reduced since came to these social apps. Its a fact, past 7 years, the quality of time spending on physical exercises,  games, reading books, has drastically came down largely affecting the productivity on personal and business life.. even I feel shamed, taking salary for every minute, how one employee could use social apps at office or while on duty…

Well, above all the eye opener for #HateFaceBook  #HateWhatsapp  thought strike me when we had kind of riots in Chennai on the account of jallikattu…… I saw how bad the younger generation used the whatsapp to spread rumors and forward whatever they get without even giving a second thought, how such forwards would create hatred in the society.

Having witnessed the real battle field on Chennai roads, for me its a black day of my Chennai. Rest is my resolution to #HateFaceBook  #HateWhatsapp

RESOLUTION: I am deleting my Facebook account and my Whats-app.

I am deeply hurt by the happenings today! Whatever may be are  the reasons. This
should not have happened on our Chennai soil. Today’s Chennai roads and riot like tensed roads, will remind me what
is violence, a fear that was spread to children, men and women who were outside
their home. It was strange to see even 5 year old kids, teen boys, burning logs
and tyres, and shouting slogans.

On the other hand, I never expected educated smart phone users, and responsible
citizens would use social apps unconsciously and in such a hatred manner. What I observed
is that even so called responsible and social minds have reflected emotions,
than not restraining to forward and share what is not good, so my opinion given me a resolution that social
apps are not good for emotional societies.

If you too think that social apps have instigated and created hatred, i do recommend to restrain
from using such apps. It is an individual choice. But I am doing it in the
interest of my/our country.

As my interests remain, I would be there for all social cause, peace, development of our society, our nation, and our world.

My facebook has been a inspiration to many to open their account, in order to update my resolution, I have not deleted my account, but blindly changed my password, so I  don’t tempt to login again…but my last status remains open to many.

Good bye Facebook.. Bye Bye Whatsapp

With Best Wishes
Devarajan Govindaswamy.

Note : My sincere thanks to all my friends here, for your valuable friendship, likes, comments, and happy and thoughtful moments.