I love learning new things, whether it is a music, politics, social, technology or earning money and so on…This blog is my place where I am trying to put down my things in writing to important guests and visitors like you. Finally expecting that you would get use of this information. In the end drop me a comment saying “thanks or dislike”, bit of happiness would reflect.

I hold education in Electronics & Communication Engineering, Post Graduation in Arts and Bachelors Degree in Law.  Enrolled advocate at Bar Council of Tamil Nadu, legal practice at High Court Madras, I do Patent Attorney & Patent Search Services to global customers on patent search, analytics and patent attorney services.

I am a native of Ambharsihapuram Village, Arakkonam, Now I am living in Oxford, United Kingdom. Doing my Post Graduation in Law. LL.M. in International Law, Oxford Brookes University.  I have lived in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. Travelled almost all the States in India except Odissa, West Bengal and north east States.

I like reading books while traveling. I can speak Languages, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, German,   bit of Kannada & bit of French.

Technically I can speak lot about technologies like Power Electronics, Smart Cards, RFID,Mobile devices, Mobile Applications, Bar Code  & Law as well.

The pet name Devaski came out from my German learning class, Thanks to Language teacher Seralathan, who requested a topic to be based on deutsch theme…resulted me saying my name Devarajan as devaski..ah..it’s an european style.. uh ooo..trying to be International.

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