I love learning new things, whether it is a music, politics, social, technology or earning money and so on…This blog is my place where I am trying to put down my things in writing to important guests and visitors like you. Finally expecting that this information would be beneficial. In the end, drop me a comment saying “thanks or dislike”; a bit of my happiness.

As such, I hold technical education in Electronics & Communication Engineering, Post Graduation in Arts, and Bachelors Degree in Law. I have recently completed a full-time  LL.M. in International Law, at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK.   I am an Enrolled advocate at Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, a legal practitioner at High Court Madras. I am a member of Indian Council of Arbitration.  I currently focus on Trademark, Patent, and Copyright prosecution and litigation.  I offer an advisory opinion to Trademark-related issues and disputes, and patent prior art search services.

I am a native of Ambharsihapuram Village, Arakkonam.  I have lived in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. Traveled almost all the States in India except Orissa, West Bengal, and the Northeast States.

I like reading books while traveling. I can speak Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, German, a bit of Kannada,  and a bit of French.

Technically, I can speak a lot about technologies like Power Electronics, Smart Cards, RFID, Mobile devices, Mobile Applications, Bar Code  & Law.   More interestingly, I know iOS coding, and for 2 decades, I am providing consultancy on application developments on a turnkey basis, providing software applications to organizations for improving their productivity and promoting their services through apps.

This blog’s domain name is my pet name which came out from my German learning class, Thanks to Language teacher Mr.Seralathan, who requested a topic to be based on Deutsch theme…resulted in me saying my name Devarajan as devaski..ah..it’s a European style. uh ooo..trying to be International.