Why I am contesting Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Election 2016 – 08 Ambattur Constituency.

Mahatma said, If you want to make a change to the society, let the change to begin from you. Abraham Lincoln remembered in history, but beyond his history, his 13th amendment for which he worked hard, changed the world’s constitution order, amendment of constitution which abolished the slavery in America, which brought an end to the civil war.  Ch-Guevera, born in Argentina, but participated in the revolution of Cuba, apart from the revolution, focus he gave to the education as a education minister has uplifted the Cuba’s agriculture and medicine knowledge, country as a self sustainable. Dr. Ambedkar in his childhood suffered humiliation, he observed the discrimination of his society and in the society, the path he approached, his search towards education and the law, shaped his society and himself as the framework creator for the constitution of India.

These leaders come often to my mind.  To follow their path and to bring a long daunted revolution in the administrative system in India, I am stepping into politics. First,  in comparison to the developed countries and cities across the world, like the cities in England, and country Singapore. We should desire to bring well administrated fully infrastructured public amenities. With such search and objective, to make “Ambattur as Singapore”, I take this Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly 2016 elections as an opportunity to stand before you. 

I pledge that  if Devarajan given a chance to serve as representative of Ambattur constituency, I would propose and demonstrate a reformed and efficient administrative system in Ambattur, Tiruvallore District.

My plans and schemes for Ambattur :- 
  1. Provide essential needs and services as easily affordable and with quality.
  2. Clean Ambattur – Green Ambattur.
  3. “Ambattur as Singapore”.
  4. A new scheme “ Today’s needs today”.
  5. Drainage, Rain Drains, Sewage, Water Treatment plants, and Good quality roads.
  6. Safe roads for elders and children.
  7. Safety Standards Awareness.
  8. Meet and discuss with local administrative staffs and corporation department on regular basis.
  9. Propose bills for constituency and for the State in the Legislative Assembly.
  10. Support and revive industries in Ambattur Industrial Estate.
  11. Super fast bus services from Ambattur to important destinations in Chennai. Parry’s, T.Nagar, OMR, and Sriperumbudur.
  12. Sports facilities wherever possible. Sports development activities.
  13. Evening Parks, leisure chairs for elders.      
  14. Best assembly constituency of Tamilnadu.
  15. Reuse- retreated water for parks.
  16. Revive lakes in Ambattur with fresh water.
  17. Schemes for personality development and social awareness programme for youngsters. With participation Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Consider G Devarajan ( கோ. தேவராஜன்) as a Potential MLA Candidate for the Ambattur Constituency.

About Devarajan G : A practicing lawyer, just returned from Oxford, UK having finished his Masters of Law with Merit grade in International Law, His interesting subjects are Intellectual property, International Trade, Arbitration, and Human Rights. He is married, wife a private kinder garden school teacher, and one daughter study 6th standard. His father a farmer, mother a tailor. Gives importance to Education and Environment.

Note, Election Commission would scrutinise my nominations and would allot my symbol by 2nd of May 2016. To get update on symbol please visit.

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email : devarajan@gmail.com
Twitter : #Devaski
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